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Danelle Ferreira, also known as Ellastrology, has been working as an astrologer since 2018, bringing awareness to others about themselves and the true value of astrology and spirituality through her writing and YouTube videos. She believes everyone has the potential to improve their life, yet they do not have access to the information they need to do so. With astrology, we can unlock the missing clues that bring us greater awareness and understanding of ourselves, other people, and life. The Value Of Astrology Astrology acts as a link that can unite the conscious and unconscious parts of ourselves. Upon exploring astrology, we gain awareness about ourselves and our true purpose that can lead us to great success in life. In addition, we can incorporate the practice of astrology into every part of our lives, and through this, we can view life through a more awakened and informed lens.
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Crystal piled up like a tower with a plain background
Crystal altars are a creative way to connect to yourself through the mindful curation of a sacred space. Taking the time to build a beautiful and transformational altar can be a profoundly healing journey. How simple is this endeavor? 
A spell set-up with candles, herbs, and crystals
Even before our modern-day obsessions with social media "follows" and "likes," folks were casting spells and using charms to make friends and solidify bonds. So, you might wonder: what are friendship spells, and how to cast them using crystals?
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