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Ever had one of those days when you felt the weight of the world, a foggy cloud of negativity lingering over you? We’ve all been there. For centuries, people have turned to the natural power of crystals to find clarity, healing, and protection. 

A banishing altar is a carefully curated space, where chosen crystals and specific rituals join forces to shoo away those pesky negative energies and feelings.

Fancy a peek into the world of crafting the ultimate spiritual shield? Stick around, and let’s delve into the magic and mystery behind the banishing altar.

History of Banishing Altars 

Both the Egyptians and the Mayans had their own versions of “energy hotspots” in their homes and temples. Think of these as the original spiritual corners or altars. 

Egyptians would stack up statues, shiny gemstones, and crystals in special formations. They believed these setups could literally attract good luck and shoo away the bad juju.

The Mayans were into setting up spaces to chat with their gods and fend off bad vibes. They’d light up herbs and perform dances and chants, hoping to get on the gods’ good side and keep the bad spirits at bay.

Fast forward to today, and our banishing altars are like the remix of these ancient customs. The core idea is the same: set up a special spot, fill it with meaningful things, and let it work its magic to kick out negativity and pull in all the good feelings.

Tips For Making a Banishing Altar:

  • Cleanse your crystals before using them. Let them moon bathe or smoke them out with some sage.
  • Good thoughts are important. When setting up your space, ditch the stress and think happy thoughts.
  • Spend some time with your altar and crystals daily. 
  • Every now and then, remind yourself why you built that altar. This keeps the energy fresh and true.

How to Make a Banishing Altar 

Crystal altar with herbs, spell jars, and crystals.

So, you’re sold on this banishing altar thing and are itching to set one up? Let’s get you started on crafting your very own vibe-protecting corner.

Step 1: How to Choose the Perfect Place for Your Banishing Altar 

When it comes to setting up a sacred space, location is everything. Feng shui, the ancient art of arranging spaces, offers some top tips. 

The North, representing the element of Water and associated with life’s journey and self-cultivation, can be a great spot for reflection and banishing negative vibes. 

But if you’re all about empowerment and growth, the East, with its Wood element and sunrise energy, might be your go-to. Near windows or natural light sources can be a sweet spot because you’re letting in that radiant, purifying energy of the Sun. 

But remember, it’s all about feeling good and right. So, if a cozy dim-lit corner of your bedroom calls out to you, go for it! Trust that inner voice; it knows its stuff.

Step 2: How to Cleanse the Altar Space 

Now you’ve got your spot picked out, but before you start plopping stuff down, we gotta make sure the vibes are just right. Try sage or palo santo. Light it up, let it get all smoky, and waft it around your space. 

Imagine any bad juju getting caught up in that smoke and drifting away. Not a fan of the smoke? No worries! A splash of saltwater can do the trick, too. Picture it washing away the ickiness and leaving everything fresh and sparkly.

Step 3: When to Set Up Banishing Altar

You ever notice how the world just feels different at sunrise? It’s like everything’s fresh and new. That’s a great time to set up your banishing altar. But if you’re more of a moonchild, the good vibes during a New Moon or Full Moon are off the charts. 

But don’t sweat the technical stuff too much. Just focus on picking a time when you feel at peace and super connected. 

Step 4: What to Add to Banishing Altar 

When setting up your banishing altar, start with crystals. Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz are your go-to spiritual bouncers, keeping the negativity out. For herbs, sage is always a good idea. 

Candles are also good. Go for black to banish or white for purity. And for that calming aroma, lavender essential oil is a great recommendation. Don’t forget the big four: Fire (candles), Earth (crystals and herbs), Water (a bowl or chalice), and Air (incense). 

Toss in some personal touches, maybe a cherished photograph, an affirmation you love, or a hand-drawn sigil for protection. Add salt, as well. Lay it all out on a cloth of deep purple or black, play some soothing tunes, and you’ve got yourself a banishing altar.

Step 5: Guide to Activate a Banishing Altar 

  • Light up the sage or incense and let the smoke envelop your altar.
  • Speak aloud, or in your head, setting a clear purpose for this altar.
  • As you arrange them, visualize each item’s purpose and energy.
  • Light the candle (Fire), touch the crystals (Earth), feel the Air, and sprinkle some Water.
  • Show gratitude to the universe, or whatever higher power you connect with. This seals the deal and amps up the energy.

10 Crystals for Banishing Altar

When you’re crafting a banishing altar, you’re essentially creating a sanctuary, and crystals can be your gatekeepers. Ready to meet some of the stones perfect for banishing those pesky negative vibes?

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline on a white background

Black Tourmaline is renowned for shielding against negative energies, making it a must have for any banishing altar. Think of it as a guardian standing tall, ensuring no negative vibes come through to you. 

When you want to supercharge this crystal, cleanse it in a gentle stream or under running tap water. Then let it soak in the Moon’s silvery glow overnight. By morning, it’s ready to stand guard!

Smoky Quartz

A raw and unpolished smoky quarts on a white background

Smoky Quartz is the go-to for grounding and dissolving unwanted energies. It keeps you anchored, ensuring you don’t drift away on a sea of negativity. 

To prepare it for your banishing altar, lay it in a bowl of Himalayan salt. Let it chill there for a day, and after, give it a sunbath for 20 minutes, allowing the Sun’s rays to inject positivity and power.


obsidian gemstone on a white background

Mirror-like in its reflective nature, Obsidian brings the shadow to light, helping you confront then banish those inner demons. Pop this on your altar, and you’ve got a tool for inner and outer protection. 

To rev up Obsidian’s energy, let it soak in water, mixed with a dash of rosemary essential oil. This combo cleanses and recharges, ensuring Obsidian’s ready for action.


A raw amethyst with a white background

Amethyst has purple hues that radiate calmness, making it a beacon of serenity and protection. This stone is perfect for warding off those mental clouds of negativity. 

When setting it on your altar, you’re introducing a tranquil energy that is soothing to any chaotic vibes. 

To charge it for your banishing altar, let it rest with other Clear Quartz crystals for a day or have a moonlit bath on a clear night.


Polished Labradorite on a white background

Holding a Labradorite is like holding a mini universe in your hands. This beauty is the guardian against life’s unnecessary drama. Tuck it on your banishing altar and imagine it’s deflecting away all the pesky negativity. 

To charge it, let it bathe under the gentle glow of a Waning Moon for a night, and whisper your intention and wishes into it before placing it on your altar.


A tumbled hematite crystal on a white background

Hematite ensures you’re rooted, stopping your thoughts from taking those unwanted detours to negativity city. This sleek, metallic gem is your anchor when life’s waves get too rough, telling you to stay grounded and face the storm.

To prepare it for your altar, place it on a bed of fresh earth, or bury it underground for a few days. The more rooted to the Earth, the happier this stone is.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz on white background

Clear Quartz has a knack for absorbing, storing, and amplifying energies. It’s great for turning the volume up on all the good vibes and intentions you set. It also cleanses and charges your other crystals on your altar.

To charge it for your altar, place it under a gentle drizzle of water. As raindrops kiss its surface, imagine it being rejuvenated and gearing up to supercharge your space.


Selenite on a white background

Selenite, reminiscent of moonlight dancing on water, brings tranquil energy to any space. A stone of purity and serenity, just like the Moon impacts the tides, this stone sweeps away stagnant energies, breathing fresh life into your altar. 

To get it ready for your altar, let it lay under the Moon, especially when she’s full. As the night deepens, picture your Selenite soaking in all the lunar energy, storing it to shower upon you whenever you seek calm.

Red Jasper

Polished Red Jasper Crystal on a white background

Red Jasper creates a barrier against negativity. It’s like a shield that deflects unwanted energies, helping keep your sacred space pure and invigorated. It also keeps you grounded and prevents you from wandering into unsafe spaces or situations.

To prepare it for your altar, place it on rich soil under a blazing noon Sun for one hour. Let it absorb the Earth’s energy and the Sun’s fire, gearing it up to be a relentless guardian for your banishing altar.


polished Lepidolite on white background

On a banishing altar, Lepidolite serves a dual purpose. While its calming essence diffuses anxiety and emotional turmoil, it also invites higher guidance to cleanse the surroundings. It ensures harmony and tranquility reign supreme in your sacred space. 

To make it ready for your altar, lay it amidst lavender blossoms during a tranquil dusk. As twilight kisses the world goodnight, imagine Lepidolite soaking in the peaceful vibes, ready to spread its serenity around your altar.


What is a Banishing Altar Affirmation or Prayer?

A banishing altar affirmation or prayer is a spoken intention used to amplify the energy of your altar and strengthen its purpose. 

A simple one might go like, “With this sacred space, I banish negativity and welcome protection, peace, and clarity. May the energies align to shield and support me.”

What is the Best Candle Color for a Banishing Altar?

Black is the best candle color for banishing altars. Think of it as a vacuum, sucking in and neutralizing all those unwanted vibes. It represents protection, grounding, and absorption of negative energies. You can pair it with white, symbolizing purification and cleansing.

Is a Banishing Altar the Same as a Banishment Spell?

No, a banishing altar is not the same as a banishment spell. While both have the common goal of warding off undesired energies, they differ in approach. 

A banishing altar is a dedicated space, continuously working its magic, reinforced by the crystals, herbs, and other elements. A banishment spell is a focused, ritualistic action taken for a specific purpose and is often temporary. 

Make Your Own Crystal Altar!

Setting up a banishing altar is an intentional act of weaving together energies to create a harmonious, protected space. Remember, your altar is a reflection of you. It’s personal, powerful, and packed with intention. 

So, let your intuition guide you, and enjoy the journey of crafting your very own sacred space!

A graphic table containing information about 10 Crystals for Banishing Altar with their properties and charging methods.

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