16 Gemstones in Alaska: Where To Find Them and How To Use Them

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Alaska, the home of glaciers and natural beauty, hides a treasure trove of beautiful Diamonds beneath its frozen surface! But you might wonder: How to find gemstones in Alaska? What gems are found in Alaska? And where are these sparkling crystals located?”

This article will explain where to find these natural wonders, the jewels they contain, and the exciting places to find them. 

Discover Alaska’s hidden treasures and learn about these rare stones!

All You Need to Know When Rockhounding In Alaska

Alaska state gemstone and state fossil

Alaska, the “Last Frontier,” has a stunning geological legacy that has shaped its terrain and produced precious gems.

For thousands of years, Native Americans revered gemstones found in Alaska for their spiritual importance. They believed that crystals held unique powers and used them for healing, protection, and divination. People worldwide flock to Alaska to find its hidden Diamonds, continuing the rockhounding heritage.

The land of Alaska has an incredibly diverse and rich geological history. Millions of years ago, powerful forces shaped the terrain we see today. Glaciers carved deep valleys and left behind stunning rocks and minerals waiting to be uncovered. This land is full of crystals and jewels, from the breathtaking Alaska Range to the jagged shoreline.

You’ll find a mix of mountains, forests, rivers, and even tundra, each with unique geological wonders. Alongside the sparkling gemstones, Alaska’s wildlife adds to the enchantment of the experience. Keep a look out for gorgeous eagles and interested bears when rockhounding.

The climate here can be as mild as the landscape. Summers can be inviting, with long daylight hours perfect for rockhounding explorations. But remember to bundle up during the winters, as Alaska experiences freezing temperatures and heaps of snow.

Best Alaska Rockhounding Location

Top rockhounding location in Alaska

The table shows rockhounds where to find gemstones and crystals in Alaska’s stunning scenery. These rockhounding places, ranked by gemstone abundance and variety, give a fascinating chance to find Earth’s treasures. 

The official Alaska website is the best reference for rockhounding information. From the time you enter this fantastic website, you’ll get insights, recommendations, and help to maximize your exploration.

Before you go rockhounding, remember that crystals and gemstones may vary and that rockhounding rules may alter. Always do your research and remain current to ensure a smooth and happy experience.

Top 16 Gemstones in Alaska

From the icy glaciers to the rugged mountains, this mystical landscape is home to some of the most enchanting gemstones in the world. Here are the top 16 gemstones that Alaska has to offer:


A bloodstone crystal on a white background

This beautiful stone is a favorite among crystal enthusiasts because of its ancient strength and cosmic energy. Found amidst the mystical wilderness of Alaska, this stone offers a journey of discovery and enlightenment. 

One such place where you might encounter this mesmerizing stone is the Seward Peninsula. This beautiful Bering Sea region is full of natural treasures, including the Bloodstone. Another promising location to explore is the Kuskokwim River area. It has been known to grace the riverbeds and surrounding areas with its captivating presence.

When searching for Bloodstone, watch for a deep green color accented by stunning red specks. These specks resemble drops of blood, giving the stone its fascinating name. You’ll be ready to start your excavation adventure with gentle care and a few essential tools, like a trowel, gloves, and a bucket.

In Alaska, you might encounter various varieties of Bloodstone, each with its unique allure. Some may display more vibrant green hues, while others could showcase a deeper red presence. Embrace the diversity of these gems and let your intuition guide you toward the one that calls out to you.

Beyond its earthly charm, Bloodstone is renowned for its metaphysical properties. It is believed to enhance courage and strength, encouraging you to face challenges with unwavering determination. 

This powerful crystal is also said to bring harmony and balance, promoting emotional well-being. Carry it with you or place it in your living space to experience its positive energies.


jade crystal on a white background

Crystal lovers and spiritual seekers appreciate Jade, a gemstone with a thousand-year heritage. 

Head to the Kobuk River’s banks to find smooth, shiny, and vibrant green stones, a possible sign of precious Jade. Explore the enchanting Jade Mountain Range, where the gem hides in rocks and crevices. Be careful and considerate as you search for Jade in these lovely locations.

When searching for Jade, keep your eyes peeled for smooth, glossy, and beautifully colored stones. Essential tools like hammers, chisels, and shovels can help gently extract these precious gems from the Earth. Be sure to handle the crystals with care to avoid any damage.  You can find Green Nephrite Jade in Alaska and rare blue-green Jadeite Jade.

Beyond its beauty, Jade has impressive metaphysical properties. As the “Stone of Heaven,” it’s said to bring harmony and balance to your life. This gem nurtures feelings of serenity and protects its wearer. 

It promotes self-discovery, emotional well-being, and self- and other love. Jade is a great companion for individuals seeking inner wisdom on life’s journey.


rhodonite crystal on a white background

Rhodonite, a lovely stone, comes in subtle pastels to deep rosy colors with black or brown veins. You can find this gemstone nestled in the majestic lands of Alaska, a treasure waiting to be unearthed.

This crystal can be found in promising areas like the Seward and Kenai Peninsulas in western and south Alaska, amidst diverse terrains and mineral-rich zones.

Digging for Rhodonite requires a small shovel, chisel, and brush to remove dirt and debris. Work gently, as this stone is delicate and needs tender handling.

In Alaska, you might also come across a unique variety of Rhodonite called “Spar.” It’s a translucent crystal form, and its unique appearance makes it even more enchanting.

This gem is known for its ability to bring emotional balance and harmony. It’s like having a best friend who soothes your heart when you are feeling sad or anxious. Rhodonite is all about love and compassion, helping you understand and forgive others and even yourself. 


A bismuth on a white background

In the land of majestic glaciers and mystical auroras lies a hidden treasure that sparkles with beauty – the Bismuth! This stunning crystal is a true wonder of nature and has captured the hearts of enthusiasts and astrologers alike.

In distant and beautiful Aniakchak, the Aniakchak Caldera, a large volcanic crater, was formed thousands of years ago. This caldera holds the power, revealing hidden Bismuth crystals.

Finding this treasure requires a rock hammer, chisel, and safety goggles. Remember to dress warmly since the Alaskan wilderness can be pretty chilly, even during summer. To uncover a Bismuth crystal’s beauty, gently chip away the surrounding rock with your hammer and chisel.

In Alaska, you can find different varieties of Bismuth, each with unique colors and patterns. Some crystals may display iridescent hues reminiscent of the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Others may exhibit intricate geometric formations, making them perfect for collectors and spiritual practitioners.

Metaphysically, Bismuth is believed to carry a powerful energy that promotes transformation and positive change. It is thought to help release old patterns and negative emotions, guiding you toward growth and self-discovery. Holding it can bring serenity and harmony, encouraging you to be yourself and radiate confidence.


polished Lepidolite on white background

Look for mica-rich places in Alaska to find Lepidolite. When you’re ready to dig, have essential tools, like a small shovel, a trowel, and a rock hammer. Don’t forget safety goggles to protect your eyes. It’s essential to be careful while digging so you don’t damage the delicate crystals.

In Alaska, it can be found in the southeastern part of the state, particularly near Juneau in places like Berners Bay among rocky outcrops.

Lepidolite with purple colors can be found in Alaska, like purple gems concealed in rocks. But this isn’t just any ordinary stone — Lepidolite also has some powerful metaphysical properties. Holding this gentle beauty is said to soothe your worries and bring calmness to your mind, like a warm hug from nature. 

It’s believed to help with anxiety and stress, giving you the courage to face life’s challenges with grace and determination. Keep Lepidolite close, and let its peaceful energy fill your heart with joy and serenity.


Fragment of an amethysts geode on a white background

The mysterious purple tones and otherworldly qualities of Amethyst make it a beautiful crystal. This gemstone from Alaska’s wilderness is beloved among crystal and astrology fans. 

Amethyst is best found in Denali National Park and Preserve, surrounded by beautiful mountains, and in eastern Wrangell-St. Elias, where licenses may be needed to gather.

Keep an eye out for geodes in Alaska with vibrant shades of purple, as they could be hiding this treasure.

Before you set off on your Amethyst quest, ensure you have the right tools. A good-quality rock hammer, sturdy gloves, and a trusty backpack are must-haves. Dig carefully and avoid damaging the crystals. Treat Mother Earth respectfully, and she will unveil her precious Amethyst bounty.

Several kinds of Amethyst can be found in Alaska. Some have bands of White Quartz running through them, creating a captivating contrast of colors. These unique patterns make each piece of Amethyst one-of-a-kind, like a snowflake in the crystal world. 

People have turned to this gem for its calming and protective energies for thousands of years. You can benefit from having Amethyst around. It’s said to help ease worries, promote better sleep, and increase focus during study time.


Carnelian Polished Gemstone on a white background

To uncover the magic of Carnelian, you’ll need to head to some areas of Alaska where this gem can be found. In the Matanuska-Susitna Borough and the Kenai Peninsula, you can find it in riverbeds and gravel, but always respect nature and seek permission for private lands.

When digging for Carnelian, you’ll need simple tools to assist you. A trusty shovel or trowel will help you carefully unearth these beautiful gems from the Earth’s embrace. Take care not to damage the crystals while extracting them. Crystals are gifts from Mother Earth, and we must treat them with utmost respect and gratitude.

In Alaska, you might come across different varieties of Carnelian, each with unique charm and energy. Some have interesting patterns, while others are translucent and catch the light like flames. Each variety holds its remarkable energy, waiting to connect with your spirit.

Carnelian symbolizes life, courage, and inventiveness metaphysically. It’s like a little burst of sunshine captured in a gem. This radiant stone brings warmth and positivity into one’s life, inspiring confidence and inner strength.


An Amber on a white background

Amber can be found along the scenic shores of the Bering Sea and the riverbanks of the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.

Always look out for its distinctive warm hue, ranging from golden yellow to deep orange, which sets it apart from imitations.

You’ll need a few simple tools to unearth this radiant treasure, like a trusty shovel or trowel, a bucket, and a keen eye. Head to the beaches during low tide, where Amber often reveals itself, waiting to be discovered. Be amazed and patient — Mother Nature’s gifts reveal themselves to those who appreciate her mysteries.

In Alaska, you may find amber in every possible size and shape. One such variety is “Butterscotch Amber,” which glows like the sun’s warm rays. Another is “Cherry Amber,” boasting rich red tones that remind us of twilight skies. Each type carries its distinctive energy, perfect for those seeking to harness the Earth’s natural power.

This gem is believed to bring soothing energy to those who wear or hold it close. It’s like a comforting hug from the Earth herself. It promotes joy and positivity, helping to melt away worries and fears like ice under the sun. 


A Muscovite on a white background

This shimmering stone, also known as “white mica,” holds secrets that will surely pique your cosmic curiosity. Found abundantly in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska, Muscovite is a treasure waiting to be unearthed.

Muscovites are waiting to be discovered in Alaska’s eastern Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve.

To dig up these magical gems, you only need two essential tools – a sturdy shovel to pry the stone from its rocky home gently and a soft brush to reveal its true radiance.

In the vast lands of Alaska, you’ll find various varieties of Muscovite. Each one holds its unique charm, from airy Angel Muscovite, which connects us to guardian angels, to delicate Lepidolite, which calms tense emotions and helps us through terrible tragedies.

It enhances our intuition, like a wise woman whispering celestial secrets into our ears. Muscovite is also thought to attract prosperity, just like the Northern Lights painting the sky with its wealth of colors.


obsidian gemstone on a white background

Obsidian is a captivating volcanic glass that forms when molten lava cools down rapidly. It comes in various shades, like pitch-black, deep brown, and even greenish tones, each with distinct beauty. This mythical stone is found in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, Kodiak Island, and Wrangell Mountains.

When digging for Obsidians, you only need a keen eye and simple tools. A sturdy rock hammer or a small pickaxe will help gently extract these gems from the surrounding rocks. Keep your hands protected with gloves, and ensure you have a pouch or container to keep your findings safe.

You may find snowflake-like Sheen Obsidian, rainbow Obsidian, or glassy Mahogany Obsidian in Alaska. Each variety carries unique energies, making them an excellent addition to your crystal collection.

Beyond its alluring appearance, Obsidian holds metaphysical properties that can benefit both body and mind. Many believe Obsidian is a protective stone, shielding its owner from negative energies and promoting emotional stability. It’s also said to aid in grounding and providing 

courage during challenging times.


pyrite geode rock on a white background

Pyrite, also known as “Fool’s Gold,” sparkles with an enchanting golden hue that lures our eyes and ignites our souls. Found in the mesmerizing lands of Alaska, this gem holds secrets waiting to be unearthed.

In Alaska, you can find Pyrite in Denali National Park’s rocky terrain and near Fairbanks, where it may reveal itself along riverbanks and outskirts.

You’ll need some tools to aid you on your quest to unearth this cosmic beauty. A trusty rock hammer and chisel will be your celestial companions. Tap the Pyrite to unleash its enchantment, but handle it carefully since this valuable stone is delicate.

Different types of Pyrite found in Alaska each have their mysterious allure. You may encounter cubes that speak of grounded stability or Pyritohedron that resonates with fiery ambition. 

It radiates energies of abundance and prosperity, empowering you to embrace your worth and manifest your dreams. Like a cosmic shield, Pyrite guards against negative energies and positively fills your aura. When the winds of doubt blow, Pyrite reminds us to shine like the stars, for we are all children of the universe.


Rainbow Jasper on a white background
Source: Etsy | LooseGemsPoint

Alaska is a treasure trove for Jasper seekers. One of the most sought-after varieties here is the “Rainbow Jasper,” famous for its beautiful swirls of colors resembling the northern lights. You can find this gem in certain regions of Alaska, particularly in riverbeds and areas with volcanic activity.

Remember to keep safety in mind when you go out on your Jasper-hunting adventure. You’ll need simple tools, like a small shovel, a bucket for collecting your finds, and safety goggles to protect your eyes.

As you explore, look for smooth, polished stones with unique patterns and a glassy luster. You 

might come across small, tumbled pieces that the Earth’s natural forces have worn down.

Like all Jasper varieties, Rainbow Jasper is believed to bring a sense of grounding and balance to those who connect with it. It enhances your creativity, helping you find inspiration from the world around you. Many people also believe that Jasper can offer comfort during stress and promote a sense of inner strength.


tourmaline on white background

Tourmaline is a mesmerizing crystal in various colors, like pink, green, blue, and black. In Alaska, this stunning gem can be discovered in some unique places where the Earth’s magic works.

The Wrangell Mountains and Denali National Park are great places to find Tourmaline in Alaska. Before you start digging, respect nature and seek permission from landowners. Safety is also crucial, so wear proper gear, like gloves and sturdy boots.

To unearth this treasure, a small shovel, a pickaxe, and a sifter are your trusty tools. Gently dig into the soil, searching for clues of hidden Tourmaline. When you find a promising spot, sift through the dirt to reveal the dazzling crystals. 

Alaska may provide the “Watermelon Tourmaline,” a stunning pink-green stone that resembles a watermelon slice. This precious variety is a delightful find.

This stone is known for its ability to protect and purify your energy. It acts like a shield, keeping negative vibes at bay and positively filling your heart. If you’re overwhelmed or stressed, grab a Tourmaline and feel its soothing energies grounding you like a mighty tree.


purple fluorite on a white background

Fluorite is a mesmerizing crystal that sparkles with the cosmic magic of the northern lights. In the enchanting land of Alaska, you can uncover the mystical Fluorite hidden within the Earth’s embrace.

Alaska, the majestic land of glaciers and untamed wilderness, holds within its sacred soils the captivating Fluorite. To seek its divine presence, venture to mineral-rich regions, like the remote Denali National Park or the stunning Kenai Peninsula. 

This cosmic gem manifests in a kaleidoscope of colors, including dreamy purples, soothing greens, and radiant blues. To identify it, watch for its delicate cubic or octahedral crystal structures. 

A true gemologist always carries a sturdy geologist hammer, a trusty chisel, and a bag to collect their precious discoveries. Start your gem-hunting trip with protective gear and advice from experienced rockhounds.

The Rainbow Fluorite reflects the Aurora Borealis, while the Green Fluorite evokes the healing powers of the Alaskan forests. And remember, the enchanting Purple Fluorite, which opens the doors to spiritual awakening and inner wisdom.

Holding this cosmic gem close to your heart is said to harmonize your energy, calming the storms within and bringing clarity to your thoughts. Fluorite can enhance focus during study sessions for young minds and help you excel in your academic pursuits. 


A polished clear quartz crystal on a white background

Quartz is a remarkable stone that comes in many colors and forms, each with unique qualities and healing energies. Variations, such as Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Rose Quartz, can all be found in Alaska. 

Clear Quartz is like a window to the soul of the Earth, with its transparent beauty. Smoky Quartz, with its gentle smoky hue, is like a comforting friend that helps you feel safe and grounded. Rose Quartz, a lovely pink stone, whispers love and harmony to your heart.

In Alaska, you can find Quartz in Denali National Park and Preserve amidst the rocky terrains and riverbeds. You can also find it in the Chugach National Forest’s Kenai Peninsula, near rivers and streams.

You’ll need basic tools, like a sturdy rock hammer, a chisel, and safety goggles to protect your eyes. While looking for Quartz crystals in rocky areas or near river beds where the Earth holds its secrets.

Once you’ve found a promising spot, carefully use your rock hammer and chisel to gently extract the crystals from the surrounding rock. Nature’s gifts should be handled with care and respect.

Beyond their physical beauty, these Quartz varieties hold powerful metaphysical properties. Clear Quartz amplifies energy and can be a guide in your spiritual journey, Smoky Quartz can help you release negative thoughts and emotions, and Rose Quartz fosters compassion and self-acceptance, creating lasting connections.


tremolite on white background

Visit Denali National Park and Preserve for talc and soapstone Tremolite or the Kenai Peninsula for marble with this gorgeous crystal.  Exploring Alaska’s vast wilderness, you may find the beautiful Tremolite in metamorphic rocks like Marble or Schist. Tremolite loves to hide among these rocks, waiting to be discovered. 

When searching for Tremolite, it’s essential to be patient and gentle. Bring a small shovel or a trowel and a soft brush to carefully excavate the crystal without causing any harm. Dig carefully around the surrounding area, and with some luck, you’ll find the shimmering treasure of Tremolite. And always remember to seek permission from the landowner before venturing out on your crystal hunt.

Alaska offers a variety of Tremolite to charm your eyes. White, pale green, and translucent forms that let light through create a magical radiance are possible.

This crystal is known to promote harmony and balance in one’s life. It can help soothe emotional turbulence, bringing a sense of calm and grounding. For those seeking personal growth, Tremolite aids in self-discovery and enhances intuition. Hold this gem close to your heart during meditation, and you may experience a deeper connection with the universe.

Alaska gemstone location table

How To Rockhound in Alaska 

Alaska is a vast land of wonders, and each region offers unique geological marvels waiting to be uncovered. Do some research and find places known for gemstones and minerals. The central interior and the southeast coastal areas are great spots to begin your rockhounding journey. Remember to respect private properties and get permission if necessary.

Tools and Gear You Need to Dig and Find Crystals in Alaska

To embark on a successful rockhounding adventure, you’ll need the proper tools and gear to uncover Mother Nature’s hidden treasures. Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Sturdy rock hammer: A good-quality rock hammer is your best friend in breaking open rocks to discover crystals.
  • Chisel and pry bar: These tools help you carefully extract crystals from hard surfaces without damaging them.
  • Safety goggles: Protect your precious eyes from rock splinters and debris while digging.
  • Gloves: Durable gloves shield your hands from rough rocks and potentially sharp edges.
  • Backpack: Carry your essentials in a comfortable backpack for easy mobility during your expedition.
  • Field guidebook: Arm yourself with a guidebook on Alaskan minerals and crystals to help identify your finds.

How To Pack, Transport, and Cut the Crystals You Find

After a successful rockhounding session, it’s time to pack up and preserve your newfound crystals. Here’s how to handle them with care:

  • Packing: Wrap each crystal separately in a soft cloth or bubble wrap to prevent scratches and damage during transportation.
  • Transport: When traveling back home, secure your crystals in a padded box or container to avoid breakage.
  • Cutting: See a lapidary professional or attend workshops for crystal cutting and polishing.

Safety Regulations and Mining Laws for Rockhounding in Alaska

Before you embark on your crystal quest, it’s crucial to be aware of Alaska’s safety regulations and mining laws. Respecting nature and following these guidelines ensures a sustainable and enjoyable rockhounding experience:

  • Obtain permits: Some areas in Alaska may require permits for rockhounding activities. Check with local authorities and obtain the necessary permissions.
  • Leave no trace: Be a responsible rockhound by leaving the environment as pristine as you found it. Carry out all your trash and avoid disturbing delicate ecosystems. As a bonus, you should pick up trash left behind by those who came before you.
  • Wildlife encounters: Alaska is home to diverse wildlife. Stay cautious and keep a safe distance from animals you may encounter during your adventure.

Tips for Rockhounding Like a Pro in Alaska

After learning the basics and the guidelines, let’s discuss some Alaska rockhounding tips:

  • Research locations: Do thorough research on rockhounding sites in Alaska. Join online forums and connect with experienced rockhounds to get valuable insights.
  • Dress appropriately: Alaska’s weather can be unpredictable, so wear layers to stay warm and dry. Sturdy hiking boots are a must for traversing rugged terrains.
  • Patience pays off: Rockhounding may require time and patience. Take your time and observe your surroundings for signs of crystals.
  • Connect with nature: Embrace Alaska’s wilderness’s tranquility and the land’s energy. The more in tune, you are with nature, the more likely you are to discover its hidden gems.


What Gemstone Is Popular In Alaska?

Jade is popular in Alaska.

Does Alaska Have Crystals?

Yes, Alaska has various crystal formations.

What Mineral Is Alaska Known For?

Alaska is known for its significant deposits of gold and also has other minerals like silver, zinc, and copper.

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