Confetti Sunstone

(kun-fet-ee sun-stohn)
Main Origins:
India, Canada, and Tanzania.

What is Confetti Sunstone?

confetti sunstone on dark background

Confetti Sunstone is a type of Sunstone from the Oligoclase mineral family with a shimmering appearance called the Schiller Effect. The sparkling inclusions in this type of Sunstone come from thin, flat, and plate-like Copper or Hematite platelets, resembling confetti.

Hence, Confetti Sunstone is also called Oligoclase Confetti Sunstone, Sparkling Sunstone, Glitter Sunstone, Schiller Sunstone, and Aventurine Sunstone. 

While the base color of this stone is usually orange, red, or brown, the inclusions show an array of colors like golden, silver, green, blue, and other rainbow hues. A unique thing about this type of Sunstone is the glitter has a random and non-linear arrangement. 

Glitter Sunstone forms in metamorphic and igneous rocks and may show varied inclusion patterns, such as spots, mottling, and veins. 

Though not widely known in historical legends, this variety of Sunstone is believed to enhance spiritual awakening and bring luck.

Confetti Sunstone Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

According to astrology, the Sun governs Confetti Sunstone like most other Sunstone varieties. It’s responsible for vitality, health, confidence, joy, power, and creativity. This astrological connection makes Sparkling Sunstone ideal for decisiveness, enthusiasm, and kindness in Libra and Leo’s zodiac signs.

Confetti Sunstone usually shows orange, red, brown, colorless, white, gray, black, and pink hues, activating the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Crown, Earth Star, Higher Heart, Lunar Star, Solar Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. So, you can use it for a wide range of metaphysical benefits like self-discovery, optimism, self-expression, protection, dreamwork, and good fortune.

The Fire element is linked to the Confetti Sunstone, bringing virtues like passion, transformation, spiritual growth, strength, and manifestation to the healing stone. This elemental association attracts fame and success to the stone when placed in the Southern areas of your home. 

Some of Confetti Sunstone’s benefits come from the heavenly energies of Gods like Surya, the Hindu Sun God; Ngai, the Kikuyu Creator God; Sól, the Norse Sun Goddess; and Hephaestus, the Greek Fire God.

Interestingly, Confetti Sunstone resonates with the numerical vibration of 3 by numerology. It brings creativity, communication skills, and growth to users.

Confetti Sunstone Healing Properties & Benefits

Hope and Joy

  • Did you know Confetti Sunstone helps with seasonal affective disorder? Orange, Pink, and Rainbow Sparkling Sunstone varieties instill optimism and happiness to help you overcome SAD. 
  • Face the rising sun while holding your crystal and meditate for a few minutes on your intention to start the day without feeling weary from SAD. 


  • Some varieties, like Bright, Fire, and Multicolor Glitter Sunstone crystals, are creativity boosters. They open dormant areas of your mind, enhancing the imagination. 
  • To charge your crystal for creativity, light a candle while holding your stone near the flame for a few minutes. Afterward, keep it on your study or office desk. 

 Self-Worth and Independence

  • If you struggle with self-respect, using a Milky, Yellow, or Rainbow Confetti Sunstone will help you find independence from self-imposed cages. 
  • Make a spell jar with your crystal in the bottom of the jar before adding sunflower, basil, and daisy. Finally, tie a white ribbon around its mouth while visualizing your intention and keep it in your bedroom.

Throat, Stomach, and Reproductive Health

  • Did you know Sparkling Sunstone alleviates digestive problems? Red, Brown, and Yellow varieties of this crystal are especially good for speeding recovery from indigestion and stomach ulcers. 
  • The best way to help your stomach using this healing crystal is by making an indirect crystal elixir by placing it next to a glass of water. Afterward, consume the water throughout the day. 

Leadership and Communication Skills 

  • Do you find it challenging to communicate your opinions and views? Then try a Fire, Golden, or Bicolor Sunstone variety because it enhances your power and expression. 
  • You can enhance communication and leadership abilities with this crystal by charging it with meditation and carrying it on your dominant side. 

Confetti Sunstone Spiritual Properties & Benefits

A persons hand is covering the blooming flower

Enlightenment and Awakening

  • Finding spiritual awakening is easy with Milky, White, Clear, and Bloodshot Confetti Sunstone varieties because they connect you to the higher realm. 
  • Add a glass of indirectly infused crystal elixir to your bathtub and soak in it for 5 to 10 minutes after dusk. It’s even better if you can do a gem bath under moonlit nights. 

Psychic Protection

  • Do you want a personal shield that repels negativity? Black, Brown, and Silver Glitter Sunstones enhance the aura and repel evil vibrations from touching you. 
  • Chant this affirmation while holding the crystal near your lips to activate protective vibes around you, “I am surrounded by a shield of positivity that protects me from evil.


  • Did you know Golden, Yellow, and Rainbow varieties of Glitter Sunstone attract luck? They clear blockages in your financial path and lead you to success. 
  • Set up a crystal altar with your crystal in the center, surrounded by herbs and flowers associated with luck, like basil, bamboo, and four-leaf clover. You can activate the altar for luck daily by lighting a gold or green candle.


  • Do you have intentions you wish to manifest? Then find a Clear, Golden, or Fire Confetti Sunstone because they are high-vibration stones with a connection to higher powers. 
  • Light a sage smudge stick and circle the sacred smoke over your crystal while meditating or visualizing your intentions to realize it. 


  • White, Silver, and Iolite-included Sunstone, with sparkling inclusions, are a must-have for divination rituals like angelic contact, karmic healing, and fortune telling.
  • The best way to activate your Sunstone for divination is by scrying with it for a few minutes under a full moon night then placing it underneath your pillow. 


Side Effects of Confetti Sunstone

  • Sleep Disturbances: As a high-vibration stone, keeping Confetti Sunstone under the pillow may lead to sleep disturbances or insomnia.
  • Domineering Behavior: While this healing crystal pumps up your confidence, it may amp it up too much, leading to a superiority complex or bossy behavior. 
  • Overstimulation: If you’re sensitive to energies, overusing this healing crystal can lead to overexcitement.


Confetti Sunstone Meaning: What Does Confetti Sunstone Symbolize?

A woman standing and stretching her arms downward sideways in nature

The meaning of Confetti Sunstone is awakening.

Did you know that Confetti Sunstone stands for luck and prosperity, too? It’s an all-rounder stone with not many historical legends but new-age virtues like creativity, health, and manifestation. 

Using Glitter Sunstone regularly also enhances your expression and optimism. Many also use it for amplifying divination rituals and manifesting intentions. 

Another little-known benefit is its Kundalini Awakening benefits, which clear blockages in the throat, stomach, and reproductive organs. Carrying it on you also creates a ring of protection over your aura. 

Types of Confetti Sunstone

  • Common Confetti Sunstone: Most Confetti Sunstone varieties show orange hues with multicolor or golden inclusions. These are good for spiritual awakening, joy, expression, and success in life. 
  • Bright Confetti Sunstone: This type of Glitter Sunstone has a vibrant and bright orange hue on top of the shimmering inclusions. They are good for awakening Kundalini energy, which boosts your fertility, personal power, and confidence. 
  • Milky Confetti Sunstone: Confetti Sunstone with a milky-orange base color and multicolor inclusions constitute this category. This type of stone is excellent for independence and self-worth. Working with it also leads you to enlightenment.
  • Reddish Confetti Sunstone: Featuring maroon to reddish hues, this type of Sparkling Sunstone is a treasure house of health. You can use it for enhancing fertility, stomach health, and grounding as it opens the Root Chakra.
  • Pinkish Confetti Sunstone: This type of Shimmering Sunstone enhances your empathy, leading to hope, joy, and emotional healing. It exhibits a dark pinkish hue with sparkling inclusions. 
  • Brownish Confetti Sunstone: In this type of Glitter Sunstone, you’ll notice brown to beige base colors with flashy inclusions. It’s a good crystal for clearing blockages in the reproductive system and elevating confidence and a sense of security. 
  • Black Confetti Sunstone: Featuring a dark to pale black base color, this type of Oligoclase Confetti Sunstone is a master at psychic protection and mental clarity.
  • White Confetti Sunstone: Another light-colored variety of Shimmer Sunstone showing off-white to cream and bright white hues, it’s good to use this stone for clarity, insight, and divination. 
  • Grayish Confetti Sunstone: This type of Schiller Sunstone is excellent for healing throat-related issues and enhancing self-expression. It’s usually pale to dark gray with inclusions of multiple colors.
  • Yellow Confetti Sunstone: A unique type of Aventurine Sunstone that improves digestive health, this healing stone is also ideal for bringing intelligence, prosperity, and success into your life. It’s a mix of pale yellow to orange hues. 
  • Golden Confetti Sunstone: When your Sparkling Sunstone shows golden flecks, it’s a unique variety, perfect for attracting luck and leadership skills. You can also keep it close to you to make the right decisions or manifest intentions. 
  • Silver Confetti Sunstone: Glitter Sunstone with silver-colored inclusions of any base color constitute this variety. They are good for wisdom, universal connection, and divination.
  • Fire Confetti Sunstone: A rare variety of Confetti Sunstone with fire-like flashes on red to orange backdrops, this variety is all about personal power. It’s also ideal for decisiveness, leadership, and creativity.
  • Rainbow Confetti Sunstone: This type of Schiller Sunstone shows rainbow inclusions in random order and attracts luck, joy, and prosperity toward you. You can also use it to enhance independence and self-worth.
  • Clear Confetti Sunstone: When your Aventurine Sunstone has a clear appearance with multicolor inclusions slathered all over, it’s a high-vibration stone. You can use it to manifest intentions and attain spiritual awakening. 
  • Bicolor Confetti Sunstone: Sparkling Sunstone is ideal for chakra alignment. This variety shows different base colors—orange-brown, orange-clear, or orange-gray. They are also good for communication skills and health.
  • Multicolor Confetti Sunstone: Glitter Sunstone with multiple colors, like orange, red, brown, white, black, and gray, constitute this variety. Use this variety for transformation, luck, and creativity. 
  • Terminated Confetti Sunstone: Schiller Sunstone with pyramidal and dipyramid shapes, show flat or pointy bases form this variety. They are excellent for health, balance, manifestation, and psychic powers. 
  • Iolite Confetti Sunstone: A natural combination of Sparkling Sunstone with purple-colored Iolite is part of this variety. It’s also called Bloodshot Iolite and fosters psychic awakening, divination, and independence. 

How to Cleanse Confetti Sunstone?

A person basking in nature

  • Sunlight: Hold your crystal while facing the sun for a few minutes to eject the negativity absorbed by it after rituals.
  • Incense: Lighting an incense stick and circling the smoke over your crystal resets its energies to the original ones. 
  • Seed Mantra: Chant the beej mantra “RAM” while holding the healing crystal near your lips for a minute or two to cleanse it thoroughly and quickly. 

Questions and Answers

Is Confetti Sunstone Natural?

Yes, Confetti Sunstone is a natural stone from the mineral family of Oligoclase Feldspar with natural inclusions that give it a sparkling effect.

Is Confetti Sunstone Safe?

Yes, Confetti Sunstone is a safe stone that does not contain any harmful or toxic elements. Hence, handling it with bare hands is completely safe. 

What Does Confetti Sunstone Do?

Confetti Sunstone awakens your spirit and mind, leading to psychic development and creativity. 

How Can You Tell if Confetti Sunstone is Real?

The best way to confirm if Confetti Sunstone is genuine is by checking its temperature. If it’s cold, it’s a genuine stone. You can also conduct scratch tests with stones tougher and softer than Sunstone. Another failproof method is to look for a white streak. 

What is the Difference Between Rainbow Lattice and Confetti Sunstone?

Rainbow Lattice Sunstone is different from Confetti Sunstone by the shape of the inclusions inside it. The latter has inclusions in random shapes, while the former contains inclusions in a rectangular, long, and lattice structure. 

How Do You Take Care of Confetti Sunstone?

The best way to care for Confetti Sunstone is by keeping it away from direct heat, light, and moisture. You can also set it up in places away from accidental falls and collisions. 

Is Confetti Sunstone Expensive?

Yes and no; Confetti Sunstone is available for high and low costs based on its size, patterns, color, and inclusions. You can get them for as low as $3 and as high as $500.

What Stones Go Well with Confetti Sunstone?

The best stones to combine with Confetti Sunstone are Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Amber, and Carnelian. 

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