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At its core, scrying just involves gazing into a crystal to help you Zen out and gain perspective. This whole trend started centuries ago when people stared into crystals and claimed to see crazy visions predicting the future or glimpsing past lives. 

Here’s my take, though: While it may not be as “psychedelic,” as they believed back then, I can tell you, as a busy mom trying to find any pocket of peace, scrying totally works to calm your mind!

The practice is simple. You get a hold of a translucent stone. Make sure your environment’s tranquil, put on some spa music, dim the lights. Then you just softly gaze into its inner landscape. 

For me, those swirling shapes inside make my overthinking thoughts melt and dissolve like butter on a hot skillet. Anyway, long story short, I can’t promise you’ll see the future or ghosts. But if you’re drained by life and need to destress your mind, grab a crystal and scry away. Nothing to lose but your anxiety! 

History and Meanings of Scrying Crystals

The first recorded use of crystals for divination dates back over 12,000 years to the Ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Throughout history, scrying served as a coveted way for priestesses, shamans, and tribal leaders to seek guidance and unveil hidden messages believed to come from the spirit realm.

The Egyptians created elaborate crystal scrying rituals, using translucent jewels and polished Copper as portals to receive prophecies and connect with their many gods. Ancient Druids relied on Beryl spheres, while the Mayans preferred Obsidian mirrors. 

While methods vary, the basic technique stands the test of time. Stare into your scrying crystal or mirror with an open mind, relax your eyes until the reflective surface blurs, and interpret any symbols, shapes, or visions that arise internally. 

If the allure of scrying calls to you, set aside at least 30 to 60 focused minutes in a calm spot. Have your charged crystal or polished mirror ready, along with an open journal to sketch or interpret any messages received. 

13 Scrying Crystals

When selecting a scrying ally, consider which crystals call to your soul and what gifts you hope it may unveil. Once you obtain your crystal, cleansing with sage or sound healing opens its channels further.


obsidian crystal on a white background

Obsidian is smoothed-out volcanic glass formed from fire and lava. The rock gods and ancient shamans were obsessed with its mighty scrying medicine. When you gaze into Obsidian, it’s like opening a portal straight to your soul’s secrets. 

The trick is to sit with whatever hot mess, fears, or sticky shadows surface, then watch how Obsidian’s mirror-like shield protects while integration happens. After some deep work staring into its void, your spirit feels reborn. 

To activate Obsidian before scrying, I wave white sage all around it while setting my intentions. Then, to stir up its transformational magic, I might hold it against the Heart Chakra or even place it by a singing bowl’s vibrations. 

Clear Quartz 

clear quartz on white background

Quartz is one of the best psychic minerals and has mastered the magic combo of light amplification and intention manifestation. That’s why every psychic, reiki healer, and witchy woman keeps Quartz clusters filling their homes—it’s the ultimate power charm!

So, for scrying, Clear Quartz can activate next-level mental clarity and visuals. Before you scry, though, be super clear on what wisdom or insights you’re seeking. Hold the Quartz in both hands near your Third Eye and set the inquiry intention. 

Black Onyx

black onyx on white background

Let’s say you want to scry but feel kinda freaked out exposing your soul’s darkest corners to unseen worlds. Get an Onyx. It’s the crystal bodyguard you want on your side! Just gaze into its deep dark protective force shield and feel fears instantly vanish.

Before scrying with Onyx’s shadowy mirrors, burn some cleansing palo santo wood as protection. Set your sacred space, then breathe slowly while visualizing dark, smoky tendrils leaving your energy field into the Onyx stone. 


Amethyst crystal on a white background

Regarded as the intuition activator stone, Amethyst ushers your natural psychic gifts into full bloom. Its vibrant royal purple shades have a way of attracting spirit guides who are eager to connect through scrying visions, too. 

Sleep with it under your pillow for vivid dreamwork and increased synchronicity signs during your waking hours. Then, when you’re ready to scry, find a peaceful spot and hold your Amethyst while picturing an infinity symbol to align your Third Eye.


Labradorite on a white background

Legend tells that Labradorite, one of the best visionary stones, fell from the frozen Labrador night sky millennia ago, carrying stardust and futuristic frequencies within in its spectacular spectral flash. 

To rev it up, I charge my Labradorite sphere on Copper grids that have been amplified by solstice moons. Then, when you scry by soft candlelight, the flickering flames activate Labradorite’s rainbow labradorescence. 


polished translucent Moonstone gemstone on a white background

From its pearly opalescence to its feminine lunar energies, Moonstone invites you to embrace your sensuality and heart’s longing when you scry. It helps unveil life’s purpose and serendipity in relationships if we soften into intimacy with ourselves. 

I suggest drawing a warm epsom salt bath under candlelight while setting a positive love intention. Then, as you gaze into Moonstone’s watery optical phenomenon, receive the tender reflections mirrored back with radical self-acceptance. 

Smoky Quartz 

A raw and unpolished smoky quarts on a white background

Smoky Quartz grants you x-ray vision into hidden realms and soul retrievals. Before your scrying journey, brew some tea to purify your channels. Then find a quiet spot and relax your eyes while visually focusing on the hypnotic smoky swirls inside the crystal. 

The longer you stare softly without expectations, the more its obscuring fog clears to reveal animal spirit guides, ancestors, healing symbols, and lost soul piece integration. For power-packing an extra shamanic punch, try drumming or rattling.


Selenite on white background

When I want to uplift my energy and receive divination insight, Selenite is my go-to ally for scrying. With its vibrant white light and high-vibrational crystalline structure, Selenite opens clear channels to the highest realms.

Meditate holding a wand, visualizing its beam reaching through the Crown Chakra into infinity. Then find a tranquil space and relax your eyes while gazing into Selenite’s translucent physical form slowly dissolving into white light. 

Tiger’s Eye 

Tigers eye with white background

Whenever you need to get fired up envisioning future success, Tiger’s Eye is the ultimate scrying stone. One glimpse at its shimmering golden hue, and you feel ready to manifest victories like a boss. 

By candlelight, pass it through frankincense smoke while repeating positive affirmations to crystallize confidence. Then gaze into its brown and gold banding with laser focus on the reality you choose to create through courage and self-trust. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz crystal on a white background

When that longing for connection and romance hits, embrace Rose Quartz. It emits soothing yin energies, calming fears around vulnerability. Gazing into Rose Quartz has helped the heartbroken open to love again after loss or betrayal. 

Perform a water bowl candle ritual. Place the stone in a bowl of water, then light a candle. As the flickering light dances through Rose Quartz, relax your focus, imagining the gentle love you crave flowing toward you through the crystal’s tender terminations.


green aventurine isolated on white background

If you could use some help seizing promising opportunities, Aventurine is the ultimate scrying lucky charm. Aventurine boosts synchronicity and opens your eyes to doors of possibility. 

I recommend placing it near a bamboo fountain for prosperity. Let it soak up these attracting energies for a day or two, then hold it tight in both palms during expanded moon phases. 


polished Citrine crystal on a white background

When negativity and doubts dim your glow, call on Citrine. It activates the Solar Plexus, awakening true confidence beyond fear-based thinking. Keep it close, and its golden glints will remind you to boldly shine while attracting everything you desire.

Activate Citrine by placing it alongside Carnelian stones under sunlight and repeating, “I boldly stand in my power,” many times. When you scry with Citrine, clearly set your intention on seeing then seizing the reality you know is possible when limiting beliefs disappear. 


A tumbled hematite crystal on a white background

In a world filled with mixed messages and mental clutter, I appreciate Hematite for scrying with purposeful focus. Hematite helps cut through the noise so you can receive clear counsel from Spirit. 

When you feel mentally uncluttered, gaze softly into Hematite’s reflective silver facets with focused questions in mind. If things still feel hazy, keep centering attention on your breathing until the next right action crystallizes clearly in your mind’s vision. 


What Stones are Good for Scrying?

Stones that are good for scrying are Quartz and Amethyst. But Black Onyx, Obsidian, and Tiger’s Eye are also good options. Choose whatever crystal’s calling to you, as long as it’s shiny and translucent so you can stare into it unobstructed.

How Does Scrying Work?

Find a chill spot, bust out your crystal, take a few deep breaths, and Zen out while peering softly into the crystal’s core for a few minutes. The groovier the shapes and colors you see, the better! Eventually, spiritual symbols, future visions, and wild, creative ideas come flowing through.

What is the Name for Crystal Gazing?

The official term for crystal gazing is “scrying.” The practice is also often also called crystallomancy, crystallomancy, sphere gazing, orb viewing, and crystal seeing.

Start Using Scrying Crystals

We’ve covered a rainbow’s worth of magical stones to amplify your scrying journeys! I won’t lie, staring into a crystal weirdly works if you give it a real shot. Find a quiet space, relax your focus, and let the magic take over. 

Scrying takes an open mind and patience, so don’t bounce if psychic visions don’t come instantly. Let the crystals coax out your imagination first. But over time, watch how scrying reveals wild, creative ideas, life purpose clues, and healing release.

So, which crystal will you befriend first on your scrying voyage? Trust your intuition. Guardianship stones find the student when timing aligns. However you use scrying, enjoy unlocking secret portal powers inherent in you. 

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