Meanings, Effects, and Crystals of Planetary Retrogrades of 2024

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  5. Jupiter Retrograde 2024 
  6. Uranus Retrograde 2024 
  7. Neptune Retrograde 2024 
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Have you ever felt like, some days, nothing seems to go right? You might spill your coffee, get stuck in traffic, and have tech issues, all before 9 a.m. Frustrating, isn’t it? Experiences like these make us wonder if something bigger is going on. 

So, what is planetary retrogrades? How do they affect us? Do crystals help with it? What can we do when something is in retrograde? 

In astrology, phases, called retrogrades, offer insight. Retrogrades happen when planets appear to spin backward from our view on Earth. These periods can disrupt our routines and challenge our communication, technology, relationships, and more.

But retrogrades also create chances for reflection and breaking old habits. By understanding their effects, we can flow better with their rhythms. Crystals even provide comforting vibrations attuned to each retrograde planet.

Join me as we explore the retrogrades arriving in 2024. What messages might they hold for us? How can we prepare spiritually and practically? Let’s find out!

Understanding Planetary Retrogrades

planets and stars in the galaxy

The concept of retrograde motion dates back to ancient astronomer-astrologers studying the night sky. They noticed that, at times, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and other planets seemed to be moving backward among the stars and constellations.

Of course, the planets don’t actually reverse course. But from our viewpoint on Earth, they appear periodically to spin in the opposite direction. This observed backward motion is what we call a retrograde.

In astrology, retrogrades represent periods where a planet’s energies and influences turn inward, redirect, and rebuild. Think of it like stopping to check the rearview mirror while driving forward on a long trip.

During retrogrades, the planets turn their gazes within, which shifts the expression of their energies. The areas of life influenced by each planet struggle under this inward focus. Our natal charts determine where we’ll face challenges most intensely based on our unique astrology blueprint.

Retrogrades remind us to breathe, go inward, reflect, and reset. By working with their recalibrating energies consciously, we evolve through each retrograde stronger, wiser, and more resilient.

7 Planetary Retrogrades of 2024

Now that we understand the retrograde process, let’s explore which planets will appear to spin backward from Earth’s view in 2024. 

Seven planetary retrogrades arc across the year, each carrying its own brand of redirection in our lives.

Mercury Retrograde 2024 

As the planet ruling communication, contracts, travel, and technology, Mercury holds great sway over your busy schedules and connectivity in the mundane world.

When Mercury’s focus turns inward during its retrograde periods, your well-greased gears get grinding. Common mishaps you may experience include misunderstandings, delayed flights, tech troubles, missed messages, and senseless bickering. Your fast-paced lifestyle faces an existential crisis without Mercury running on all cylinders!

In 2024, Mercury will retrograde four times, for at least three weeks, at a stretch on the following dates:

  • First Retrograde: December 13, 2023 to January 1, 2024
  • Second Retrograde: April 1 to April 24
  • Third Retrograde: August 4 to August 27
  • Fourth Retrograde: November 25 to December 15

Blue Lace Agate Crystal for Mercury Retrograde 

Blue Lace Agate on a white background

Working with Agate allows you to harmonize your thoughts and words under Mercury’s mentally focused retrogrades. This crystal helps you speak consciously, guide confused conversations to clarity, and surrender stressful multitasking. 

Meditating with Blue Lace Agate promotes your inner peace amidst external busyness, keeping your cool through retrograde drama.

Mars Retrograde 2024 

As the planet of drive, passion, and making things happen, Mars fuels your vitality and motivation. When triggered, Mars also rules aggression, combativeness, and anger. Mars imprints directly on your self-identity and expression of personal power.

When Mars spins retrograde, your momentum and mojo face intense inward examination, projects lose steam, your lust for life drains away from you, and simmering frustrations may erupt if you don’t course correct.

In 2024, Mars will retrograde entirely in the Fire sign, Leo, from December 6, 2024 until February 23, 2025, stirring your divine inner child.

Leo rules self-expression, creativity, celebration and your urge to play, perform, and awe. Yet, Leo can also make you fall into bossiness, vanity, and melodrama when out of balance. Mars swirling through Leo redirects your assumptions about confidence and sharing your gifts with the world.

Ultimately, this two-month retrograde asks you: How can I let my light shine from a place of wholeness and authenticity instead of ego? Mars in Leo will keep that question burning for you until February 2025 as you rediscover your luminous self.

Red Jasper for Mars Retrograde 

red jasper on white background

Red Jasper resonates strongly with Mars’ fiery essence and Leo’s blazing self-expression. Jasper also channels vital Earth energy to balance Mars’ impulsiveness.

Red Jasper teaches healthier Mars manifestations. Jasper’s steady vibes help overcome blocks thwarting creative projects or confidence issues dimming your light. This crystal’s supreme grounding energy combats emotional eruptions while helping constructively channel anger.

Wear or carry Red Jasper over the retrograde for motivation and stamina when yours runs low. Use it in meditations to nourish true joy and embrace your wholeness. Place Red Jasper by your bed to resolve inner conflicts and rest deeply. 

Jupiter Retrograde 2024 

As the planet of growth, wisdom, travel, luck, and baking that extra pie, Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Jupiter governs your quest for meaning, truth, and all shades of blue-sky thinking.

When Jupiter retrogrades, your hunger to chase rainbows faces introspection. Rather than seeking outward expansion, you’re asked to grow into your inner expanse. Shadows hiding in your belief systems and worldviews rise up for evaluation. Mental flexibility gets tested as you differentiate food for thought from half-baked theories.

In 2024, Jupiter will backspin in Gemini—the sign of ideas and communication—from October 9, 2024 until February 4, 2025. You’ll rethink everything from serious philosophies to flippant opinions over an almost four-month period. Letting go of rigid assumptions makes room for broader understanding for you.

Amethyst for Jupiter Retrograde 

A tumbled Amethyst crystal on a white background

Buzzing spiritual prana, Amethyst links directly to Jupiterian energies. Working with Amethyst while Jupiter retrogrades through curious Gemini keeps you open for learning, safeguards against judging others too quickly, and retains mental elasticity when outgrowing old frameworks. 

Shield-shaped Amethyst clusters even resemble wise owl faces, reminding you where wisdom comes from. Place Amethyst geodes around your home and office to invite growth, revelation, and self-compassion this retrograde season. Sleep next to an Amethyst generator crystal to activate spiritual awakening through your inner work.

Uranus Retrograde 2024 

As the planet governing revolution, eccentricity, and sudden “lightbulb” moments, Uranus deals in shocks to the system that jolts you outside stagnant boxes. Uranus also involves technology, especially innovations.

When unpredictable Uranus retrogrades, the areas of your life ruled by this planet get flooded with destabilizing energies asking for a reboot. Uranus retrograde’s electric waves reveal where you’ve outgrown systems and structures for more radical freedom. Breakthrough inspiration strikes unexpectedly when you’re ready to level up.

In 2024, Uranus will retrograde entirely in the fixed, grounded sign of Taurus from September 1, 2024 until January 30, 2025. During this five-month backspin, you’ll crave emancipation from whatever traps you in routine or no longer serves highest good. 

Aquamarine for Uranus Retrograde 

aquamarine on a white background

The Aquamarine crystal embodies attributes similar to Uranian energy. Aquamarine stimulates the higher chakras governing your intuition and visioning. 

Working with Aquamarine helps download galactic guidance throughout Uranus’ backward dance this fall. Meditating with Aquamarine also keeps you tuned to paradigm shifts happening on personal and collective levels.

Place Aquamarine clusters around electronics to safeguard your equipment from retrograde tech glitches. Sleep next to Aquamarine to strengthen intuition and receive innovation downloads from the Universe itself.

Neptune Retrograde 2024 

As the planet of dreams, intuition, compassion, and all things imaginative, Neptune governs fantasy realms, creative flow states, and our interconnected consciousness.

When spiritual Neptune spins retrograde, the veil between dimensions thins for you. You gain x-ray vision to see through facades, lies, and stories that limit truth. Intense dreams may seem more real than your waking life. The inspiration wellspring either dilutes into delusions … or overflows if you use this surge creatively.

In 2024, Neptune will retrograde entirely in its ruling sign, Pisces, from July 2 until December 7. For five months, mystical magic stirs your soul, but you must mind the blindspots. Meditation keeps your intuition clear versus imaginary. Journaling channels otherworldly downloads into your art.

Celestite for Neptune Retrograde 

celestite crystal on a white background

Celestite beautifully embodies the most divine aspects of Neptunian vibration. Working with Celestite throughout the coming Pisces season of Neptunian retrograde keeps your feet on solid ground without losing access to cosmic guidance flowing directly from the Source.

Use Celestite in sacred space to summon angelic beings of grace and invoke your inner peace. Place Celestite clusters near your bed to encourage your prophetic dreaming and creative breakthroughs fueled by restful sleep. Celestite dispels your illusions while magnifying your highest intuitive capacities.

Pluto Retrograde 2024 

Pluto governs all or nothing cycles of complete metamorphosis. Pluto retrograde plunges you into the underworld to wrestle your inner demons, dredge toxins from the psyche’s basement, and resolve unhealthy attachments. What dies makes space for your authentic rebirth.

In 2024, Pluto retrogrades between future-forward Aquarius and establishment Capricorn from May 2 until October 11. During this five-month passage, societal change ripples out while existing structures crumble if too rigid. Allow what needs to be released before envisioning inventive solutions. Where do you need total transformation on a personal level?

Snowflake Obsidian for Pluto Retrograde 

Polished Snowflake Obsidian on a white background

With its inky color and dramatic snowflake inclusions, Snowflake Obsidian epitomizes Pluto’s essence of dark psychology meeting expansive spiritual renewal. Working with Snowflake Obsidian over Pluto retrograde facilitates your genuine resurrection by first addressing destructive inner patterns with courage and honesty. 

This dramatic yet protective stone nurtures your spiritual growth through shadow integration.

Place Snowflake Obsidian by your workspace to help illuminate hidden biases and respect all people. Use this stone in meditations to heal your past traumas that still require transmutation so you gain empowerment.


How Do You Stay Positive During Retrograde?

To stay positive during a retrograde, use crystals attuned to the retrograde planets, like Blue Lace Agate for Mercury. This provides grounding and soothing vibes. Also, journal or talk out your feelings; don’t bottle up stress. Avoid overbooking yourself and practice self-care.

What to Expect During Retrogrades 2024?

In 2024, expect four Mercury retrogrades, slowing communications and travel. Mars, Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter will also spin backward for two to five months, bringing challenges with motivation, innovation, spirituality, and growth areas.

Is It Okay to Travel During Retrogrades?

It is okay to travel during Mercury retrograde. Take precautions for delays, but essential travel is generally okay. Consider revising important travel plans if possible. Do thorough research before big purchases.

Why Do Retrogrades Affect People?

When a planet goes retrograde, its effect on people is their energies turning inward, which shifts how its astrological influences manifest externally. Most people feel this as added chaos, delays, tech issues, miscommunications, relationship problems, motivational slumps, and other challenges tied to the retrograding planet’s domain. 

Why Do I Feel Weird During Retrogrades?

You feel weird during retrogrades because, when planets appear to move backward from our vantage point, their reversed gaze and inward focus dramatically shifts the energetic landscape. As beings intrinsically connected to cosmic forces, we intrinsically feel these planetary patterns amplified in our moods, motivation, and mundane experiences. 

Common retrograde side-effects include headaches, brain fog, waning drive, emotions askew, scattered thoughts, and a pervading sense the universe is pranking you! Grounding with crystals, like Black Tourmaline, and journaling out your retro reflections helps restore inner equilibrium.

What Not to Do During a Retrograde?

During a retrograde, do not start bold new endeavors, sign binding contracts, launch important projects, get married, move, or make major purchases. With planetary energies reversed, it’s hard to move forward decisively in pivotal life domains. 

Which Planet Retrograde is Bad?

When Mercury and Mars retrograde, it’s bad, as it frustrates most people across the board. Mercury governs communication and cognition, so technology fails, messages miss their mark, and travel plans crumble when this planet backspins. Red-hot Mars rules drive, libido, and motivation, so a retrograding Mars squelches our get-up-and-go. However, every backward-glancing planet provides course corrections to align efforts to our soul purposes.

Do Retrograde Planets Give Bad Results?

Retrograde planets do not give outright bad results, but it shakes things up and realigns trajectory. Retrograde periods illuminate where our growth edges lie and what requires reflection versus blind action. By consciously cooperating with redirected planetary energies, we lessen growing pains. 

Start Using Crystals for Planetary Retrogrades!

Planetary retrograde periods provide essential moments for you to recalibrate the major areas of your life. While retrogrades get a bad rap for stirring up chaos, their inward gazes gives you a chance to resolve outworn patterns and realign with your soul purposes. 

Most importantly, consciously working with crystals aligned to the retrograding planet both grounds you and helps channel recalibrated energy flow. At any time, keep an eye out for the current retrograde planets to stay on top of planetary movements.

Let crystals guide your retrograde integration through journaling, meditation, and affirmations. Rather than curse the complications, lean into the changing winds of retrograde seasons as opportunities for your self-discovery.

2024 Retrograde Calendar: 

graphic for 6 crystals of planetary retrograde 2024

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