What Are the Differences Between Emerald and Peridot?

  1. What Is Emerald Crystal?
  2. What Is Peridot Crystal?
  3. 6 Similarities Between Emerald and Peridot
  4. 10 Shocking Differences Between Emerald and Peridot 
  5. FAQ: Emerald Vs. Peridot
  6. Final Verdict: Emerald vs. Peridot 

Did you know that what Cleopatra thought as Emeralds were actually Peridots? Don’t feel bad if you’re confused between Emerald and Peridot. It even gets Empresses confused! What are the differences between Emerald and Peridot? Are there any similarities between Emerald and Peridot? 

Emeralds and Peridots are similar in color and open the same chakra. However, Emerald has a dark green color with a blue tone, unlike Peridot’s pale-green color with a yellow tone. Emeralds are rarer, costlier, and harder than Peridots.

There are many more things to learn when comparing these two. I’ll share the meanings, properties, similarities, differences, and a complete checklist on Emerald and Peridot. 

What Is Emerald Crystal?

Emerald on white background

Did you know legends say Emerald was one of the four crystals given from God to Solomon? From Elizabeth Taylor to Beyoncé, Emma Stone, and Rihanna, the list of celebs who love Emerald is infinite!

Emeralds’ dark green color and bluish tone have been adored, worn, and traded since 4,000 BC. Interestingly, the name Emerald comes from the Greek or the Sanskrit words, ‘marakata’ and ‘smaragdus,’ meaning Green. 

In some Emeralds, you might notice star, Cat’s eye, trapiche, pleochroism, or other optical illusions. Depending on their origin, Emeralds show dark, pale, clear, blurry, or bluish shades of green without any color zoning.

Chemically, Emerald is a Green Beryl made of aluminum, beryllium, chromium, silicon, and vanadium. Metaphysically, the meaning of Emerald issuccess in love,’ passion, and growth. It opens the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras

a designed graphic table that explains the properties and description of an emerald crystal

What Is Peridot Crystal?

polished peridot on white background

Did you know the history of Peridot goes back to 1500 BC? While it doesn’t have as many color variations as Emerald, you’ll see Peridots in shades of pale or lime green with golden, brown, orange, blue, or yellow tints

As a dichromatic stone, Peridot forms in no other color than green. The intensity of Green in this crystal increases with the presence of iron

Did you know Peridot and Diamond are the only two crystals created in Earth’s mantle? That’s deeper than any other crystal!

Chemically, Peridot is an Olivine (sometimes written Olivene) family of minerals, not as sought-after as Emerald. However, geologists say some Peridot holds materials from the origin of our solar system. 

Metaphysically, Peridot attracts wealth, wisdom, and balance. You can attract prosperity and harmony into your home by placing Peridot in the southeast corner of your home. 

a designed graphic table that explains the properties and description of an peridot crystal

6 Similarities Between Emerald and Peridot

emerald crystal and peridot crystal are placed right next to each other

Apart from Cleopatra, most people in medieval times mistook Peridots for Emeralds. I’ve had many blunders mistaking rough Emeralds for Peridots too. 

Let’s look at all the similarities between Emeralds and Peridots.

1. Color 

Emerald and Peridot crystals exist in similar shades of green. The color of Emeralds is deep because the green comes from vanadium and chromium. Conversely, the green in Peridot comes from iron. 

2. Clarity 

Peridots and Emeralds have a shiny or vitreous luster. Moreover, Emeralds and Peridots both exist with transparent clarity. 

3. Composition

Both crystals originate from the silicate family of minerals

Emerald is a silicate of aluminum and beryllium, while Peridot is a silicate of magnesium and iron. 

4. Planet

Emeralds and Peridot crystals are ruled by the same planet, Mercury. Hence, both crystals enhance the user’s confidence, charisma, and communication skills. 

The yellowish-green variety of Peridot is ruled by the planet Venus and it attracts abundance and good luck. 

5. Chakra

The Heart Chakra rules Peridot and Emerald crystals. The Heart Chakra in these crystals connects you with yourself, others, nature, and the universe. It’s the fourth chakra in the 7-chakra-system located in the middle of your chest. Explore the Heart Chakra here.

6. Metaphysical Benefits 

The healing properties of Emeralds and Peridots are similar in many ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Emerald and Peridot crystals attract balance in life.
  • Peridot and Emerald are good for physical healing
  • Emerald and Peridot bring joy into relationships.
  • Peridot and Emerald crystals are good grounding stones.
  • Emerald and Peridot help you connect with others

10 Shocking Differences Between Emerald and Peridot 

A custom graphic for Emerald vs Peridot

The similarities between Emerald and Peridot make them difficult to tell apart. However, there are so many differences in appearance, feel, and characteristics that you don’t need a professional to tell them apart.

The following Emerald vs. Peridot checklist will help you if you’re confused between these two green crystals.

1. Color: Emerald Vs. Peridot

While both crystals are green, Emerald is dark-green, and Peridot is pale green. Emeralds have a bluish tone from trace elements and look different from different angles. On the other hand, Peridots are rarely pleochroic with a brown or yellow undertone. 

2. Clarity: Peridot Vs. Emerald 

Although both crystals show a vitreous luster, Peridot has a waxy or oily appearance, and Emerald is shinier than glass. Peridots are almost always eye-clean with minimal inclusions, but there are hardly any natural Emeralds without inclusions. 

Emeralds may be transparent, translucent, or opaque, while Peridots are always transparent. 

3. Cost: Emerald Vs. Peridot 

Did you know there are Emeralds costlier than Diamonds? Emeralds are a hundred times costlier than Peridots. Most of it owes to its enchanting beauty and rarity. 

Emeralds usually cost $2,000 per carat, while Peridots cost $25 per carat on average. 

4. Composition: Peridot Vs. Emerald

Although Emeralds and Peridots are silicate minerals, both have chemically-different structures and elements. 

Peridot is a variety of olivine minerals, while Emerald is a beryl silicate. 

5. Hardness: Emerald Vs. Peridot

There’s a stark difference in the durability of Emeralds and Peridots.

Emerald is harder at 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, while Peridot is a soft stone with a 6.5 to 7 hardness. That’s why you’ll find Emerald jewelry in engagement rings, pendants, and other everyday jewelry. 

6. Vibration: Peridot Vs. Emerald

The numerical vibration of a crystal helps us analyze its metaphysical properties and benefits. 

Emeralds vibrate to the number 4, signifying passion, truth, and discipline. 
Peridot vibrates to the number 6, representing empathy, harmony, love, and peace.

7. Treatments: Peridot Vs. Emerald

Did you know most Emeralds on the market are enhanced for clarity and color? It’s hard to find Emeralds that have not undergone treatments today. On the flip side, Peridots are never enhanced, thanks to their eye-clean and transparent clarity. 

8. Rarity & Origin 

Did you know only one Emerald is found per million Beryls? Emeralds come from Canada, Colombia, and Zambia, while Peridots come from around the globe. That’s also why Emeralds are rarer than Peridots. 

9. Side Effects and Toxicity: Emerald Vs. Peridot

Emerald has low toxicity due to the presence of aluminum, but Peridot is non-toxic and reactive only to heat. 

  • While Emeralds must not be soaked directly in water to make crystal elixirs, Peridots can be soaked directly to make elixirs. 
  • Peridots don’t fade in Sunlight, but overexposure can crack or fade Emeralds.

Note that a Peridot variety with Serpentine contains asbestos; hence, you shouldn’t inhale or ingest it.

10. Metaphysical: Emerald Vs. Peridot

  • Emerald is best for libido, while Peridot is great for happiness
  • Peridot attracts good opportunities, and Emerald attracts loving people. 
  • Emerald brings passion, and Peridot brings wisdom.
  • Peridot balances emotions, and Emerald releases suppressed emotions.
  • Emerald helps you find romantic success, and Peridot helps you find financial success.

FAQ: Emerald Vs. Peridot

  • Is Peridot a rare gem? 

No, Peridot is not a rare gem. It’s a semi-precious stone that’s mined worldwide.

  • Is Peridot rarer than Emerald?

No, Peridot is not rarer than Emerald.

  • Can I wear Peridot instead of Emerald?

Yes, you can wear Peridot instead of Emerald because both are green crystals. Moreover, they’re both ruled by the same planets. You can wear them together without any side effects too.

  • Is Peridot worth a lot of money?

Yes, Peridot is worth a lot of money if you find the most valuable variety. But, Peridot isn’t worth a lot of money if you compare it to the per-carat-cost of Emerald. 

  • What stone is more expensive than Emerald?

As a precious stone, Emerald is quite expensive, but Diamonds, Rubies, and Sapphires can cost equally high too. 

  • What color Emerald is more expensive?

The costliest Emerald color is bluish-green with a vibrant color tone. The color must be distributed over the entire stone.

  • How do you tell if it’s a Real Peridot?

By assessing the color, clarity, optical traits, and flaws of Peridot, you can determine if it’s real at home. Additionally, Peridots also show double-refraction or birefringence. 

  • Does Peridot glow in the dark?

Yes, Peridot slightly glows in the dark. Interestingly, that’s why Peridot is also called Evening Emerald. 

Final Verdict: Emerald vs. Peridot 

3 Emerald Crystals placed right next to each other

We learned Peridots are as old as the universe. But did you know Emeralds are 2.97 billion years old? 

Peridot and Emerald share similarities, so they’re often mistaken for one another. They open the Heart Chakra, are ruled by the same planet, and share many properties.

Most importantly, there are stark differences between the two green stones. Emerald differs from Peridot in clarity, color, composition, hardness, and many metaphysical properties. 

Here’s the Emerald and Peridot comparison chart to save before you go:

a designed graphic table that explains the final verdict between emerald crystal and peridot crystal

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