How To Cleanse Blue Topaz Crystal? 11 Ways

  1. Why Should You Cleanse Blue Topaz?
  2. 11 Ways to Cleanse Blue Topaz
  3. What To Keep in Mind When Cleansing Blue Topaz?
  4. Conclusion: Start Cleansing Blue Topaz Crystals Easily with Positive Affirmations

Cleansing crystals is an essential practice for maintaining the energetic benefits of most crystals, including the popular and valued gem Blue Topaz. Cleansing Blue Topaz can be easy and deepen your connection with your stone. Let us gain a fuller understanding of how to cleanse Blue Topaz 

The best ways to cleanse Blue Topaz are positive affirmation and cleansing intentional breathwork. These methods are particularly effective for cleansing as they resonate with Blue Topaz’s primary ruling chakra, the Throat, and the ruling element of Air.

When cleansing any crystal, including Blue Topaz, be sure to research before choosing a method. Crystals can be physically damaged when exposed to some common crystal cleansing elements. Blue Topaz is durable but has a few restrictions, so read on.

Why Should You Cleanse Blue Topaz?

chunk of blue topaz crystal on a white bakground

It would be best if you cleansed Blue Topaz as, over time, this crystal may have absorbed negative energies. This is especially necessary if you wear your Blue Topaz daily or use it intentionally for deep healing work.

The best time to cleanse Topaz is soon after a healing session with this crystal. You may also cleanse it before using it for deep healing. The best time to cleanse a Blue Topaz worn daily is once a week.

Blue Topaz offers properties such as protection and emotional stability. It absorbs negative energy as it shields you and also absorbs lower emotions to help you maintain emotional stability. These are just some properties that make cleansing this stone a must.

It is also recommended to cleanse Blue Topaz when you first purchase a piece and just once a year if the crystal is not in active use. Otherwise, follow your intuition and cleanse this crystal as needed.

Learn all about this gem in Blue Topaz Crystal Profile.

Blue topaz metaphysical property chart

11 Ways to Cleanse Blue Topaz

All elements are safe for cleansing Blue Topaz, but some have a time limit to be entirely cautious. Blue Topaz, at 8 on the MOHs scale, is durable and can be exposed to water, salt, and sunlight.

Unnecessary prolonged exposure to these elements can damage the polish or may weaken the structure of this stone. Blue Topaz should also be kept away from very high and direct heating to avoid color changes.

The Best Way To Cleanse Blue Topaz: Affirmations

A person placing his hand on top of the crystals

As Blue Topaz has the strongest connection and effect on the Throat Chakra, expressing positive affirmations is a perfect and powerful way to cleanse this gem

  • Hold your crystal and repeat the throat chakra seed mantra HAM 8 times.
  • Please choose any of the suggested cleansing affirmations or a cleansing affirmation of your own and repeat it 3 times while holding your Blue Topaz.
  • Suggested affirmations :
    •  I now cleanse this crystal of all non-resonant negative energy, clarifying Blue Topaz energy to its original positive vibration.
    • I utilize my clear intent and connection to source energy to cleanse this Blue Topaz crystal.
    • I am grateful for the powerful benefits of Blue Topaz, and I restore these benefits by cleansing it with the power of intention.

How To Cleanse Blue Topaz Crystal with Breathwork

A woman doing a breathing exercise

Blue Topaz can be cleansed using breathwork, as the ruling element of this gem is Air. Using clear intention and breathwork, we can attune to a state that allows us to direct cleansing energy to our crystal.

  • Fully focus on your breath for a minimum of 8 minutes, and take slow and deep breaths until you feel fully present, energized, and connected.
  • Bring attention to your Blue Topaz and appreciate your crystal as you look at it or hold it.
  • Verbally affirm your intention to cleanse this crystal using breath, and then bring your focus back to your breath for 3 minutes while visualizing.
  • Visualize pure cleansing light of life force energy filling your body in each inhale. On each exhale, imagine this light flowing from you and cleansing your crystal.

How To Cleanse Blue Topaz with Sounds

A singing bowl surrounded by different crystals.

Intentionally playing harmonic sounds near your crystal is a great way to cleanse it. This cleansing method is excellent for Blue Topaz as sound also has a solid connection to the Throat Chakra, which is the ruling chakra of this crystal.

  • You can choose to play a well-tuned classical instrument or sound healing instrument.
  • You can express sound with your voice by singing or chanting cleansing songs or mantras. 
  • You may also choose to play pre-recorded frequencies that have a cleansing vibration.
  • Choose one or a combination of the sound methods and place Blue Topaz crystals near the sound source for at least 8 minutes.

How To Cleanse Blue Topaz Crystal with Natural Light

The sun light is shining through the forest

The energy of the natural light of the sun and moon has the power to cleanse crystals of negative energy. Blue Topaz is perfectly safe under moonlight, and it can be in direct sunlight, but for a limited time. We suggest not more than 8 hours.

  • Place your Blue Topaz crystal out in the sun a few hours after midday.
  • Leave it out throughout the night to bathe in the moonlight at any stage in the moon cycle.
  • Retrieve your thoroughly cleansed crystal early the next morning.

How To Cleanse Blue Topaz with Fire

Lighted candles on a table

The Fire element is almost instantly purifying as it rapidly transforms whatever it encounters. You can work with Fire to cleanse Blue Topaz, but be aware to keep your stone away from direct exposure to extreme heat as this can change the color of your stone.

  • Set your intention and connect with the Fire element to purify your Blue Topaz crystal energetically. 
  • Place your Blue Topaz next to a burning candle or within a circle of candles for 8 minutes.
  • You can also place your stone near a fireplace for 3 minutes, but never directly touch it or leave it super close to the heat.

How To Cleanse Blue Topaz Crystal with Earth or Soil

A person is shoveling the soil

Harnessing the Earth element is a safe and effective way to cleanse Blue Topaz. Earth is constantly self-cleansing, refreshing, and renewing and this is the exact vibe we need for crystal cleansing

  • Bury your stone in the soil for 3 to 8 hours. 
  • You can bury it outdoors or in a container of soil.
  • If you want to keep your stone physically clean, you can wrap it in a thin, natural fiber fabric or rinse it when you remove it from the soil.

Reminder: If you bury your stone outside, mark the spot where you plant it with a larger stone or bury it near a specific landmark.

How To Cleanse Blue Topaz with Water

An open water faucet at the outdoors

Water is perfect for physically cleaning Blue Topaz, and it will also energetically wash away lower vibrations held by this crystal. As Topaz is high in hardness, it can be exposed to water, but it is recommended to do so within a reasonable time limit. 

Short periods in water are perfectly safe, but submerging this stone for a prolonged period may lead to slight damage or weakening if it is in water for a very long time.

  • Set your intention to cleanse your crystal with the energetic power of water.
  • The ideal way to cleanse your crystal with this element is to hold your Blue Topaz in a natural flowing water source for 1 minute.
  • You can also fill a special vessel with pure water and leave your Blue Topaz submerged for 3 minutes.

How To Cleanse Blue Topaz with Selenite or Kyanite

a selenite satin spar on a white background

Crystals like Selenite, Kyanite, and even programmed Clear Quartz can be used to cleanse other stones, as these crystals do not hold on to negativity. Cleanse Blue Topaz with crystals is perfectly suitable, easy, and powerful. 

  • Hold both stones and set your intention for crystal cleansing.
  • Touch Blue Topaz to a piece of Selenite or Kyanite for 1 hour or more.

Tip: Try to use a larger piece of Kyanite, Clear Quartz, or Selenite so you can use them as a cleansing plate to place your Blue Topaz on. It’s okay if you only have a small self-cleansing stone. You can also set the crystals together within a cleansing crystal grid.

How To Cleanse Blue Topaz with Scents

An aroma lamp and candles on the table

The scent of specific plants can change the vibration that interacts with it. You can work with reverence and intention with the aromas of cleansing botanicals, herbs, resins, and woods to cleanse your Blue Topaz crystal.

  • Work with your chosen plant in any of these forms: dried whole botanicals, incense, essential oils, hydrosols, or flower essences.
  • If you’re using a dried plant, burn it and bathe your Blue Topaz in smoke for 1 minute or circle the smoke around 3 times clockwise.
  • If you choose a liquid form of scent, you can mist your crystal with a spray or rub a tiny drop on its surface.
  • Remember to connect with your chosen plant and set an intention before cleansing your Blue Topaz.
  • Suggested cleansing herbs: sage, rosemary, lavender, organic mugwort, cypress, or lemongrass.
  • Suggested cleansing resins: frankincense, copal, myrrh, or pine.
  • Suggested cleansing woods: sandalwood or palo santo.

How To Cleanse Blue Topaz with Salt

A bag of salt on a cork board

Blue Topaz measures at an 8  on the MOHs scale, meaning it can be in dry salt and salt water, but only briefly. Salt is naturally corrosive, and with long exposure, it may cause weathering of the stone polish. Over time, it can damage the structure of certain specimens.

Salt will neutralize any negative energies that are held by your crystal. So you can personally choose from either of these methods, direct or indirect, using dry salt to cleanse your Blue Topaz.

  • Direct Method: Set your intention and place your Blue Topaz in a small vessel filled with dry pink Himalayan salt for 1 to 3 minutes.
  • Indirect Method: Fill a small fabric bag with salt or use a Himalayan salt lamp. Set your intention for cleansing, and set your Blue Topaz near the salt for 3 to 8 minutes.

How To Cleanse Blue Topaz with Meditation

A silhouette of a woman meditating near the beach

The practice of cleansing meditation will allow you to form a deeper connection with your Blue Topaz crystal. Utilize meditation to energetically cleanse your crystal by directing pure life force energy aligned with a cleansing intention 

  • Hold or wear your Blue Topaz during this cleansing meditation.
  • Set an intention for energetic cleansing.
  • Meditate until you feel deeply energized and spiritually connected.
  • Direct cleansing energy toward your crystal with the power of thoughts, emotions, words, or visions.
  • You can include cleansing mantras,  visualizations, and affirmations.

What To Keep in Mind When Cleansing Blue Topaz?

  • Work within the guidelines and time limits for cleansing with each element.
  • Cleanse your Blue Topaz jewelry worn daily, at least once a week.
  • Cleanse your Blue Topaz after intentional healing work.
  • All elements are safe within the recommended time limits.
  • To be cautious, avoid excessive and lengthy exposure to high heat, salt, water, and direct sunlight.
  • Remember to set clear intentions for cleansing.
  • Connect and acknowledge the power of the natural elements you use for cleansing.
  • Test the different methods for cleansing Blue Topaz to see what feels most effective for you and your crystal.

Conclusion: Start Cleansing Blue Topaz Crystals Easily with Positive Affirmations

Cleansing Blue Topaz is an easy and reasonably quick practice that allows you to maintain the original positive effects of this crystal so you can continue to benefit from it. It also has the added benefit of deepening your relationship with Blue Topaz as you take the time to intentionally care for it as it does for you.

ways to cleanse blue topaz

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