How to Cleanse Bloodstone Crystal? 9 Ways

  1. Why Should You Cleanse Bloodstone?
  2. 9 Ways to Cleanse Bloodstone
  3. What to Keep in Mind When Cleansing Bloodstone?
  4. Conclusion: Start Cleansing Your Blood Stone to Maintain Its Powerful Benefits!

Bloodstone, also called Heliotrope or Martyr Stone, is a supportive crystal during the most difficult times. It is said to sacrifice its energy to help ease or balance the heaviness of experiences including grief, crisis, aggression, and during times of intense life transformation.

Bloodstone takes the burden of the energy that is shed during healing. To maintain the energetic integrity of your stone and continue to use it beneficially, you should learn how to cleanse Bloodstone.

Some of the best ways to cleanse Bloodstone include using the elements Earth or Water. You can also create a cleansing ritual using a combination of Earth and Water. 

Bloodstone is a fairly durable crystal, allowing some freedom of choice in the methods we can use to cleanse this crystal. You will discover that it does need cleansing quite frequently. Read about why this is so and the many effective Bloodstone cleansing techniques to choose from.

Why Should You Cleanse Bloodstone?

polished Bloodstone on a white background

Whether you use Bloodstone for crystal healing, wear it often, or keep it near for support, this crystal will absorb many non-harmonious energies. This phenomenon leads to a change in the original vibration and effectiveness of the crystal.

Due to the healing and metaphysical properties of Bloodstone, this crystal should be cleansed fairly often. Cleanse your stone after every intentional healing session.

A Bloodstone cleansing ritual is recommended to be practiced at least once a week if you are wearing and working with this stone during a challenging time. You can cleanse it once a month if your crystal is being worn during a time of ease and wellness.

If your stone has been stored or you have just purchased a Bloodstone, be sure to cleanse it before use. You should also do further research on how to charge Bloodstone and how to activate Bloodstone.

Learn all about the properties, benefits, varieties, and frequently asked questions within this Bloodstone Crystal Profile

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9 Ways to Cleanse Bloodstone

Bloodstone is a variety of cryptocrystalline Quartz and other mineral inclusions, including chlorite, hematite, or iron oxides. It is fairly durable and falls between 6.5 to 7 on the MOHs scale. 

The fair durability makes it easier to choose a safe cleansing method for Bloodstone as it is okay for this crystal to be in water and sunlight within certain precautions and limitations. 

The only strict limit for Bloodstone is that you should not expose it to salt. That said, it is essential to know the cleansing specifications and restrictions for any crystal. Everything you need to know about cleansing Bloodstone is detailed below.

The Best Way to Cleanse Bloodstone: Earth or Soil

a hand holding a pile of soil

Using the Earth to cleanse your Bloodstone is highly resonant, as Earth is the ruling element of this crystal. With due consideration, it is also one of the safest ways to cleanse Bloodstones, with the least risk of damaging your stone.

  • Bury your Bloodstone directly under the Earth’s surface in soft soil.
  • Choose a spot in your garden, in wild nature, or even in a potted plant.
  • Leave your crystal buried for at least 4 hours and up to 24 hours.
  • Unearth your cleansed crystal and rinse it in pure water. 
  • Dry it thoroughly using a soft cloth.

Tip: Choose a spot that you will remember. Bury it next to a small landmark or mark the spot where it is buried with another stone.

How to Cleanse Bloodstone with Water

man poring bowl of water

Bloodstone is just above the mid-range of hardness on the MOHs scale, so you can use water to cleanse it. Water is an especially effective element to bring balance and restore purity to your crystal.

We still suggest limiting the time that you leave this stone submerged. This is to ensure that it stays fully intact over time. For Bloodstone, just 4 minutes of water exposure per cleanse will work well. 

  • Hold your Bloodstone under a natural source of water, such as a flowing creek, river, pond, waterfall, or lake.
  • Alternatively, submerge your crystal in a vessel filled with pure water.
  • Leave it for up to 4 minutes in the water.
  • When you remove your stone from the water, have a cloth ready to dry it.
  • Drying your stone properly after cleaning or cleansing with water is important, as Bloodstone contains iron oxides that can rust if it is left wet for prolonged periods.

Caution: Do not expose Bloodstone to salt water. This can damage your stone and increase the risk of rust discoloration.

How to Cleanse Bloodstone Crystal with Natural Light

Sunlight above the clouds

Both Moonlight and Sunlight are powerful natural light sources that can be utilized to cleanse Bloodstone. Bloodstones should not be left in direct light for an extended period.

Prolonged exposure to full sunlight may cause your crystal’s color to fade. Especially try to not leave your stone in direct sunlight for more than a full day.

  • Place your Bloodstone crystal in the open air, on the ground, preferably touching an earth surface, like soil, rock, or living ground cover.
  • Leave your crystal in natural light for the duration of approximately half a day of sunlight and a full night of moonlight.
  • We suggest placing your stone out in dappled sunlight any time after midday.
  • Leave it through the night under the moon.
  • Retrieve your fully cleansed crystal early the next morning.

Tip: The evenings on and closest to the full and new moon are the best for cleansing and charging Bloodstone.

How to Cleanse Bloodstone with Sounds

cleansing bowl

Intentional sound creates a harmonious vibration that interacts with the vibration of your Bloodstone crystal. There are many options to choose from when using sound for crystal cleansing.

  • Hold your Bloodstone crystal or place it nearby in the range of the sound.
  • Verbally affirm your intention to use sound to cleanse your Bloodstone crystal.
  • Use your voice in a medicine song or mantra.
  • Alternately, play an instrument or sound healing tool, such as a singing bowl or a tuning fork.
  • If these are not options, search for prerecorded music with an intentional cleansing frequency.
  • Sing or play your chosen sounds for 4 minutes or longer. 

Tip: The longer you expose your stone to harmonic sounds, the better. Once your crystal has been cleansed, the harmonious sound vibration will begin charging your Bloodstone. 

How to Cleanse Bloodstone with Affirmations

Words of Affirmation written on black rocks

Positive affirmations are awesome for cleansing and activating any aspect of your life. You can easily use this empowering practice to cleanse your Bloodstone crystal. 

  • Repeat the seed mantras LAM and YAM in association with the Root and Heart Chakras four times each.
  • Repeat the following affirmation four times: I am thankful for the healing benefits and support of this Bloodstone. I thoroughly cleanse it with the power of my intention and connection to infinite energy.
  • You can also write down a cleansing affirmation and place this page under your Bloodstone for 40 minutes.

How to Cleanse Bloodstone with Fire 

a red lit candle in black background

As Mars is the ruling planet of Bloodstone and is resonant with the element of Fire, it will work well to cleanse this crystal. Like most crystals, it’s best to keep Bloodstone away from direct flames or intense heat to avoid physical damage.

  • Set your intention to harness the fire energy of rapid transmutation to cleanse your Bloodstone.
  • Light one large or four small white candles.
  • Place your Bloodstone next to or within the four candles.
  • Additionally, place a few self-cleansing crystals surrounding the candles and Bloodstone.
  • Let the candles burn for a minimum of 4 minutes. 

Tip: Fire is a particularly suitable element for cleansing Bloodstone when you have worked with it to support you during grieving.

How to Cleanse Bloodstone with Herbal Smoke

hands burning white sage for spiritual ritual

Burning suitable dried botanicals in a smudge bundle or incense form is a great way to cleanse your stone by combining the power of Fire and Earth energies. 

  • Light your incense, smudge bundle, or resin.
  • Circle yourself with smoke, connecting with the plant (Earth) and Fire elements.
  • Set your intention to cleanse your Bloodstone.
  • Circle smoke around your Bloodstone 4 times in a clockwise direction.

Tip: This cleansing method is also effective because of the specific plant energies that you choose to work with. Some of the great plants for this purpose include the different varieties of sage, rosemary, lavender, and mint. You can even use cinnamon bark or pine resin.

How to Cleanse Bloodstone with Clear Quartz or Selenite

close-up picture of a person holding a Selenite wand in a meditating position

As Clear Quartz and Selenite are self-cleansing, they consistently maintain a pure and high vibration. These stones can cleanse Bloodstone by being programmed or activated with a clear intention for this purpose.

  • You can use a piece of Selenite that is larger than your Bloodstone crystal.
  • You can use a Quartz, preferably a Clear Quartz, which is larger than your Bloodstone.
  • Affirm your intention for cleansing Bloodstone.
  • Place your Bloodstone on top of the Clear Quartz or Selenite.
  • Leave these crystals touching together for a minimum of 4 hours.

How to Cleanse Bloodstone with Meditation

A woman is meditating outside, surrounded by a beautiful sky scenery.

Meditation is a way to connect with and receive benefits from your crystal. It is also a great way to channel energy and connect to an infinitely powerful source to cleanse your Bloodstone.

  • Enter into meditation while holding your crystal. 
  • Meditate until you feel fully energized and connected.
  • Direct cleansing energy toward your crystal using the power of your thoughts, emotions, words, or visions.
  • You can include relevant cleansing mantras, visualizations, and affirmations within your meditation.

What to Keep in Mind When Cleansing Bloodstone?

  • The best way to cleanse Bloodstone is by working with Earth and Water elements.
  • Always dry your Bloodstone crystal after water exposure to prevent rust.
  • Bloodstones can be in sunlight, but not for prolonged periods.
  • Never expose Bloodstone to salt. Do not use wet or dry salt to cleanse it.
  • Do not expose your Bloodstone to chemicals. Clean it using only pure water and a cloth.
  • Cleanse Bloodstone every time you use it for healing work.
  • Set your intention clearly when using any method to cleanse Bloodstone. 

Conclusion: Start Cleansing Your Blood Stone to Maintain Its Powerful Benefits!

Cleansing your Bloodstone is an essential part of working with this crystal, especially if you want it to maintain its benefits and use it for its originally intended purpose.

There are several suitable ways to cleanse Bloodstone that are both effective and safe as long as you consider the specific guidance of using each element that we have discussed above.

The following table is a summarized overview of the different techniques that you can use to cleanse Bloodstone:

A custom graphic table for How to Cleanse Bloodstone Crystal

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