(hee - lee - uh - dawr)
Main Origins:
Brazil, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Pakistan, Australia, Spain, Russia, Italy, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Madagascar, Nigeria, Mongolia, Afghanistan, China, Ukraine, India, Mexico, Portugal, and the United States.

What is Heliodor?

heliodor on granite platform

Heliodor is the yellow variety of Beryl with a vitreous texture. It may be clear, translucent, or opaque and show shades of yellow, green-yellow, brown, and orange. Heliodor often forms hexagonal prisms and comprises beryllium, aluminum, and silicon with oxygen. 

It’s known as Yellow Beryl, Yellow Emerald, Beryllium Aluminum Silicate, and Precious Beryl. Psychics call it the Stone of Power, as it brings personal power, wealth, and success.

Renowned as the crystal of golden light and higher consciousness, Beryllium Aluminum Silicate gets its yellow color from the presence of iron in it.

Fun Fact: Heliodor is synonymous with Golden Beryl, although the latter is a variety of the former.

Heliodor Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Beryllium Aluminum Silicate is commonly seen in yellow, golden, green, and brown colors. Hence, it activates the Solar Plexus, Heart, Earth Star, and Solar Star Chakras, signifying wealth, health, change, balance, and cosmic travel. 

As it is seen in many colors, Heliodor opens the Root, Sacral, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Lunar Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. That’s why bonding with this stone leads to grounding, manifestation, letting go, vitality, clarity, intuition, and strength. 

Do you know the ruling planet of Heliodor? Jupiter rules this stone and taps into growth, good luck, expansion, protection, adventure, and abundance. 

Yellow Beryl is good for the zodiac sign of Leo as it will resolve ego issues, increase loyalty, and enhance creativity. 

Heliodor’s properties include the heavenly powers of Persephone, the Greek Fertility Goddess; Ganesha, the Hindu God of Beginnings; Tiamat, the Babylonian Sea Goddess; Ra, the Egyptian Sun God; Baldur, the Norse Light God; and Agni, the Hindu Fire God.

The Fire element rules Heliodore according to elemental relations, signifying success, transformation, inner power, and creativity. That’s also why placing this stone in your home’s Center or South areas brings health, fame, harmony, and stability. 

Precious Beryl vibrates to the number 5 based on numerology, representing freedom, adaptability, and expansion.

Heliodor Healing Properties & Benefits

Strength and Endurance

  • Heliodor mainly targets the Solar Plexus Chakra, leading to health and well-being. It clears the chakra blockages to improve your physical strength and power. 
  • Keep your crystal next to a glass of water for 2 to 4 hours. Repeat the ritual and drink the charged water daily to clear chakra blockages from within. 

Mental Clarity

  • Yellow Heliodor, Heliodor with Terraced Edges, and Heliodor-Fluorite varieties are powerful because they clear your mind and help you find focus. 
  • You can charge and tap into Heliodor benefits by holding the stone before your eyes and meditating for a few minutes before working or studying. Carry it on your dominant side after charging. 

Vitality and Fertility

  • Greenish and Hexagonal Heliodor stones improve virility, potency, and the chance of conception. Heliodor-Garnet is a good choice if you’re trying to rekindle your relationship. 
  • Take a transparent mason jar and place your crystal inside it. Add a few jasmine, rose, dandelion, or ginkgo biloba petals into the jar. Tie a ribbon around its neck while chanting your intention to set it. 

Letting Go

  • Did you know Colorless Heliodor releases and heals hurt and negativity? Healers often recommend it for letting go of guilt, hatred, revenge, and grief. 
  • Hold your crystal near the lips and chant this affirmation: I am stronger than my attachments, and choose to let go of what does not serve me.

New Beginnings

  • Etched and Cathedral Heliodore varieties are excellent for finding hope, motivation, and new opportunities in life. They work by tapping into etheric chakras located outside your body. 
  • Build a crystal altar with your stone in the center and a dozen other compatible crystals around it. Place two candles on opposite sides and add daffodils, tulips, and white roses to the altar. Light the candle and meditate to set your intention.

Heliodor Spiritual Properties & Benefits

Woman by the ocean holding a suitcase looking at the faraway light. Luck and Success

  • While Golden Heliodor is the best variety for success, Cat’s Eye Heliodor is a charm for good luck and fortune. You can use it to clear bad luck and misfortune from your destiny. 
  • Place your crystal in the wallet after smudging it with sage sticks so that it works like a luck magnet. 


  • Heliodor with Muscovite, Cleavelandite, and Albite are excellent options for embracing the growth, change, and transformation you’re destined for. 
  • Pack your crystal in a silk bag and bury it three inches below the soil from sunrise to dawn the next day. Carry the charged stone on your person for a couple of days. 


  • Many types of Heliodor crystals are good for manifesting intentions, like Pencil, Cathedral, and Double Terminated crystals. Quartz formation with this crystal also works the same way by amplifying intentions. 
  • Program your crystal with a Clear Quartz or Selenite wand. Aim the wand at your stone for a few minutes while visualizing your intention to manifest it. 

Cosmic Consciousness

  • Window Heliodor is a rare variety that helps you jump consciousness and reality. Psychics often use it for spiritual awakening, lucid dreaming, and activating psychic gifts. 
  • Charge your stone by holding it for a few minutes under the early morning sun and meditating on your intention. 

Reality Shifting

  • Window Heliodor is the best option for manifesting your desired reality. It provides a portal to jump consciousness.
  • Gazing into your stone for 10 to 20 minutes under the moonlight is a good way to shift your energies and jump realities.

Side Effects of Heliodor

  • Superiority: Overusing this stone may lead to egoistical thoughts and superior feelings. It’s good to get a grounding stone in such an instance. 
  • Disturbing Dreams: Sleeping with Heliodore under your pillow may trigger vivid or alarming visions. 
  • Over-positivity: Once you’ve fully bonded with Heliodor, it’s common to feel oversensitive to things. 


Heliodor Meaning: What Does Heliodor Symbolize?

People helping each other climb a mountainThe meaning of Heliodor is empowerment. 

Heliodor comes from the Greek words “helios,” meaning sun, and “doron,” meaning gift. This stone, called the Gift from the Sun, is related to many Sun Gods. It was discovered in an Aquamarine mine in Namibia in the early 20th century. 

Did you know the Celtic Druids used Heliodor for clairvoyance by scrying? Moreover, the first-ever crystal balls were made from Beryl. 

Traditionally, Heliodor stands for motivation, love, kindness, empathy, willpower, hopefulness, adventure, awakening, success, and good fortune. It’s sometimes considered the stone of Selfless Leadership. 

Beryllium Aluminum Silicate isn’t widely known even today. Still, it’s extensively used in divination, cosmic travel, and manifestation by psychics and alternative healers.

Types of Heliodor Crystals

  • Common Heliodor: Typically seen in a yellow shade with green tints, Heliodore boosts your inner strength and physical endurance. 
  • Golden Heliodor: If your stone has a golden hint and is less green, it’s called Golden Beryl. Use this stone to attract luck, abundance, and well-being.
  • Yellow Heliodor: Featuring dark yellow hues, this Beryllium Aluminum Silicate is good for health, willpower, and mental clarity. 
  • Greenish Heliodor: This type of Heliodore shows a higher tint of lime green color and opens the Heart Chakra, bringing balance and improving fertility. 
  • Orange Heliodor: A type of Yellow Heliodor, this type of stone shows a dark orange hue and brown. Use it for opening the kundalini energy in your Sacral Chakra. 
  • Colorless Heliodor: This Yellow Beryl variety has high transparency without the depth of color. It’s a good stone for karmic healing, soul journeys, and letting go. 
  • Heliodor Pencil: An elongated variety of Precious Beryl, this variety may show yellow, golden, orange, or bicolor hues. Use it to focus your intentions and manifest them with cosmic consciousness. 
  • Window Heliodor: It’s a good choice for cosmic travel, shifting reality, and divination rituals when you notice transparent Heliodor stones with window-like inclusions. 
  • Etched Heliodor: This variety of Heliodor stones shows etched formations on their sides. Use it for developing perseverance, new beginnings, and spiritual awakening. 
  • Cat’s Eye Heliodor: The silky inclusions in this Heliodor may show chatoyancy with a white flash. This variety is excellent for good luck and career success. 
  • Cathedral Heliodor: This type of Heliodore crystal shows a cathedral termination and works well for reality shifting, manifestation, and new beginnings. 
  • Double Terminated Heliodor: This is a special variety of Beryllium Aluminum Silicate with terminations of both ends. Use it for manifesting good luck, higher powers, and success. 
  • Heliodor with Terraced Edges: A powerful variety of Yellow Beryl with ridge-like formations on faces, this stone works well for shifting reality, improving mental clarity, and letting go of hurt. 
  • Hexagonal Heliodor: Featuring pronounced hexagonal columns on one or more terminations, this is a good stone for boosting vitality and fertility. 
  • Heliodor-Aquamarine: A bicolor variety of Heliodore, this stone is half blue and half yellow in appearance. Use it for inner peace, trauma healing, and tranquility. 
  • Heliodor with Muscovite and Cleavelandite: This is a Heliodor variety for shifting reality and transforming negative thoughts into positive ones. It shows brown, yellow, white, silver, and orange colors.
  • Heliodor in Tan Feldspar: When Golden Beryl is seen with tan crystals of Feldspar, it brings grounding energies by amplifying your connections to Mother Earth. 
  • Heliodor-Fluorite: A powerful variety of Precious Beryl for mental clarity and cosmic consciousness, this stone shows indigo hues with brown, gold, and yellow tints. 
  • Heliodor-Schorl: Another type of Beryllium Aluminum Silicate used for higher powers, like psychic protection and spiritual consciousness, this stone naturally forms with Black Tourmaline. 
  • Heliodor-Albite: A mix of Yellow Beryl on a White Albite matrix, this is the perfect stone for wisdom, knowledge, and transformation. 
  • Heliodor-Quartz: When yellow inclusions naturally appear on White Quartz, it combines two powerful crystals. They’re great for purification and manifestation. 
  • Heliodor-Morganite: In this type of natural crystal combination of Morganite and Heliodor, you’ll notice inclusions of pink on a yellow or brown base. It’s good for divine love and moving on from hatred and guilt. 
  • Heliodor-Smoky Quartz: Another powerful variety of Heliodor that helps to clear confusion, this variety is excellent for instilling empathy and universal connection. 
  • Heliodor-Garnet: This is a type of Beryllium Aluminum Silicate for increasing fertility, passion, and vitality. It shows inclusions of red and maroon.
  • Heliodor-Goshenite: Most Heliodore varieties show colorless use due to the presence of Goshenite. Use it for tapping into divine truth and cosmic consciousness.

How to Cleanse Heliodor?

Clear Quartz on the green moss ground.

  • Sunlight: Hold your stone facing the rising sun for a few minutes to remove the negativity absorbed by it.
  • Clear Quartz Wand: Circle a Clear Quartz Wand over your crystal thrice to reset its energies.
  • Soil: Bury your crystal under three inches of soil overnight to cleanse the evil vibrations absorbed by it.

Questions & Answers

Is Heliodor Safe to Wear?

Yes, Heliodor is safe to wear and touch with bare hands.

How is Heliodor Formed?

Heliodor forms in pegmatite rocks due to the geological occurrence termed dissolution.

Why is Heliodor Yellow?

Heliodor is yellow due to the presence of iron in the crystal.

Can Heliodor Get Wet?

Yes, Heliodor can get wet. However, soaking it for prolonged periods may disturb its integrity.

Is Heliodor Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Heliodor is safe in the sun for a short period. However, direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight may fade its color.

How Can You Tell if Heliodor is Real?

Real Heliodor can be verified based on its hardness, refractive index, and colorless streak from fakes.

Is Heliodor Radioactive?

Yes and no. Some varieties of Heliodor may contain low amounts of uranium.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Heliodor?

Wearing Heliodor attracts benefits like health, clarity, luck, inner healing, vitality, cosmic awareness, and manifestation.

Is Heliodor Expensive?

Yes, Heliodor is an expensive and rare stone. Good-quality specimens may cost anywhere from $55 per carat to $100.

What Stones Go Well with Heliodor?

The best stones to pair with Heliodor are Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, Turquoise, Sapphire, Tiger’s Eye, and Azurite.

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