How To Wrap a Crystal with Wire

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  2. What Are the Best Techniques When Wrapping Wire Around Stones?
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There are loads of different ways we can make jewelry with healing crystals. Wire wrapping stones are a great way to connect with the energy of your favorite healing crystals and create something you can wear. Using wire is one of my favorite ways of making crystal necklaces, as it looks great and is pretty easy to do!

Making a wire crystal necklace allows you to have the crystal’s energy with you at all times. Depending on what stone you use, your wire crystal necklace can protect you, boost your confidence, and bring forth harmony and peace. 

There is a range of stones you can use when wire wrapping stones, just ensure you avoid stones with a low Mohs scale or toxic crystals. 

Step-by-Step Guide on Making a Wire Wrapping Crystal 

woman doing a DIY crystal wire on a brown table

This wire wrap pendant tutorial will look at the best way to create a wire crystal necklace. This technique is relatively easy and suitable for beginners, so give it a go and see what you can make!

To create your wire crystal necklace, you will need the following:

  • A healing crystal (it can be any size or shape, but make sure it is suitable to wear around your neck) 
  • Pliers
  • Jewelry-making wire of 22 to 26 gauge. 
  • Chain (I recommend using a silver or gold-plated necklace chain with a lobster clasp that can be purchased in bulk and come ready to be attached to the necklace)
Copper wire, small amethyst crystal, pliers, and silver chain are prepared for the DIY making

I have picked out a beautiful, rough Amethyst stone for my crystal necklace. I like making my jewelry out of rough stones because I find them easier to work with. You can also use a tumbled stone to create your necklace!

I am using a 22 gauge silver-plated, copper jewelry-making wire. 22 is a reasonably thick gauge. I have used a thinner wire to make wire crystal necklaces before, but they were a lot weaker and broke after a few wears. I have opted for copper as it is pretty cheap to buy in bulk.

Step 1: Cut Your Wire 

First, cut two lengths of wire. They should be around eight inches long, but if the crystal is large, cut the wire slightly longer. Be generous when cutting your length of wire, as you can always trim it when you have wrapped your stone!

Step 2: Twist the Wire

Once you have your two lengths of wire, twist them together in the middle a few times. 

a prepared wire twisted placed on a table

Then place your crystal on the wire, with the twist on the bottom of your stone. Make sure you have positioned the stone the way you wish. 

If you are working with a rough crystal, use the pointed end as the bottom. This makes it easy to create a basket around the stone with your wire. 

Step 3: Add More Twists 

Now take one length of wire from one side of the twist and one from the other. Bring them across the stone to meet and twist them together, using the same twisting technique as you did in step 2.

Then add more twists across your crystal until you get to the top of your rock. Don’t worry if it looks a bit messy. It’s supposed to look homemade, and every necklace you make is unique!

Step 4: Bring the Wire to the Top of the Crystal  

When you get to the top of your crystal, create a loop with one of the pieces of wire. Then twist all the wires under the loop, ensuring the crystal is tight and secure.

copper wire surrounded to small amethyst crystal

It is important to make sure all bits of wire are tucked away safely. I use pliers with a flat nose to secure the edges of the wire in place. 

Step 5: Add a Chain

Now you can add a chain to complete your wire crystal necklace. You can also add string, depending on what vibe you are after, or your wire-wrapped crystal can be made into a keychain! 

amethyst pendant surrounded by twisted wire and connected with a silver chain

What Are the Best Techniques When Wrapping Wire Around Stones?

There are a few different techniques you can try out when wrapping wire around gemstones. The twisting method discussed before is an easy way to secure a rough gemstone in a wire casing, but you may wish to try out a few different methods when working with tumbled stones. 

If you are making a necklace with a tumbled stone, opt for an 18 gauge wire and wrap it directly around your stone in different directions. Then take it up to the top of your crystal and make a little loop to add the chain. 

pink crystal surrounded by a copper wire

Once you have mastered these wire-wrapping techniques, there is so much opportunity for creativity! Adding smaller gemstones or coiling the wire in swirls and patterns are great additions to wire crystal necklaces. 

Choosing the Best Stone for Wrapping

7 chakra stones placed right next to each other

When picking the right stone for wire wrapping, there are a few different things to consider. 

First, using a stone with a medium to high Mohs scale is super important. The Mohs scale of hardness reflects the toughness of the stone, meaning weaker stones may be damaged when working with or wearing as jewelry. A good rule of thumb is to avoid gemstones with a Mohs rating of 5 or less.

The other thing to consider when picking the best stone for wrapping is what energy you wish to have with you. All healing crystals have their unique energy, so think about what sort of healing you need right now. 

If you wish to enhance your confidence, a Citrine wire-wrapped crystal would be perfect for you. If you are looking to boost your feelings of self-love, opt for a Rose Quartz. I created an Amethyst wire crystal necklace today, as this stone provides us with spiritual awareness and protection!

You should also consider the shape of the stone you are using. Rough crystals are great to begin with because they usually have edges and ridges that you can work the wire around, keeping the stone in place. 

Tips for Beginners

woman doing a crystal pendant necklace using wire and pliers

Making your crystal jewelry can seem pretty daunting at first, but it is an incredibly fulfilling way to express yourself both spiritually and creatively!

Let’s look at my wire wrapping stones top tips for beginners. 

It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

When I first began making my crystal healing jewelry, I would always aim for perfection. Then I would get frustrated when it didn’t look like the necklaces or rings I saw online. 

Just remember that each piece of jewelry you make is unique and perfect in its way. They are homemade pieces and look amazing! 


There are loads of different ways to wrap the wire around stones, and certain methods may suit you more. Experiment with different types of crystals, sizes of wire, and techniques until you find the right method for you.

Experimenting with wire wrapping may mean you discover a fun new way of creating jewelry! 

Buy Jewelry-Making Pliers 

It can be tempting to use kitchen or craft scissors to create your jewelry, but this can be pretty dangerous. They do not do everything that jewelry-making pliers can do. 

I picked up a set of three jewelry-making pliers online for around ten dollars. One is for cutting, one has a round nose for bending and shaping, and one has a flat nose that is great for securing ends. They were a great investment and help me so much when I am making jewelry!


  • Is wire wrapping easy?

Yes, wire wrapping is an easy way to create jewelry with gemstones.

  • What gauge wire is best for wrapping stones?

18 to 26-gauge wire is best for wrapping stones, depending on the technique you are using. Use a thinner wire for the twisting method and a thicker wire when you are wrapping the wire directly around the stone. 

  • What pliers do I need for wire-wrapping?

You will need a flat-nose plier, a round-nose plier, and a cutting plier. 

  • Can I use crystals or rocks instead of gemstones?

Yes, you can use rocks you have found or bought using this wire-wrapping method. 

  • How do you wire-wrap stones easily?

You can wire-wrap stones easily by following the guide above. 

  • How do I get better at wire wrapping?

You can get better at wire wrapping by practicing! It will take a few tries to get the hang of it, but you will get there.

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