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Crystals are sparkling their way into the beauty scene faster than you can say “good vibes only!” From Jade rollers to Quartz-infused serums, healers and beauty gurus alike are incorporating these luminous stones into their daily rituals. 

It’s all about that positive energy and letting those good vibrations shine from the inside out. But can these glittering gems actually shield our skin from the sun’s damaging rays? Which crystals have the protective power to keep our complexion looking gorgeous under that summer sky? 

What are the best crystals in cosmetics for sun protection?

Disclaimer: Crystals should not solely be used as sun protection. Always use sunscreen when going into the sun, and only use crystal or crystal-infused cosmetics as an addition.

What Crystals Can Do for Sun Protection

sun block lotion, hat and sunglasses on the beach

For millennia, ancient civilizations have used crystals not just as adornments, but as healing accessories imbued with unique properties. Today, beauty brands are taking note and incorporating these minerals into suncare routines. 

The thinking goes that if crystals can heal our energy fields, perhaps they can shield our largest organ, too—our skin.

The most common element finding its way into sun-protection products is titanium. Titanium is a naturally occurring metallic element that can be present in certain crystals. 

In its powdered mineral form, titanium dioxide acts as a physical blocker, reflecting and scattering UV light. By adding it to lotions and sprays, titanium dioxide creates a protective barrier on the skin, reducing transmission of the sun’s rays. 

Other crystals that contain zinc oxide and iron oxides offer similar effects by containing metallic elements that block UV. 

13 Crystals for Sun Protection

When it comes to defending our skin from the sun’s damaging rays, not all crystals are created equal. Certain luminous stones stand out for their intrinsic ability to shield skin from UV light. 

By reflecting and absorbing the sun’s beams, these UV-blocking minerals act as nature’s own mineral sunscreen when incorporated into beauty products. 


Rutile on white background

Comprised of mineral titanium dioxide, Rutile acts as a physical blocker against UVA and UVB rays. Its needle-like structure scatters light as it penetrates the skin, greatly reducing transmission of ultraviolet radiation. Always pair Rutile with classic sunblocks.

Add powered Rutile crystal to lotions or cosmetic bases to boost sun protection. Facet rough Rutile crystals into pendants to adorn hats and bathing suits. The crystal’s light-reflecting needles create a protective lattice shield across the skin.


An anatase crystal on a white background

Anatase crystal contains titanium dioxide. This tetrahedral titanate mineral reflects and scatters both UVA and UVB rays, preventing penetration deeper into the skin. Mix fine Anatase powder into mineral makeup for a supernova glow with UV barriers. Or add it to facial serums and creams for intergalactic sun defense! 

Anatase emanates otherworldly energy to enhance mood while protecting the skin. Decorate robes and beach bags with raw Anatase crystals to spread UV protection and good vibrations wherever summer takes you.


brookite on white background
Image Source: Facebook | Geology Page

Brookite is a great crystal for suncare, promoting balance and wellbeing as it protects from UV damage. This earthy, grounding titanate mineral forms natural dodecahedrons which shield against the full spectrum of sunlight. 

Finely milled Brookite powder makes a soothing addition to sunblocks and tanning lotions, guarding the skin while centering the spirit. For a summoning of strength under the summer sun, adorn hats and coverups with rough Brookite crystals. Their broad faces reflect light as the crystal’s balanced energy reminds us to care for both body and mind while enjoying the warmer months.


Zincite on white background

Rainbow Zincite energizes summer suncare while protecting skin. This zinc oxide mineral blocks UVA and UVB rays, preventing damage from the light spectrum’s shorter wavelengths. 

Mix vivid Zincite powder into lotions and sprays to lend radiance along with UV barriers. Facet rough Zincite points into pendants or bracelets that can adorn swim coverups. Allow Zincite to inspire joy and confidence while its zinc oxide molecules reflect away the sun’s most damaging beams.


Hemimorphite chunk on white background

Hemimorphite crystal is the cooling breeze of sun protection. This hydrous zinc silicate gem forms natural tower shapes that are perfect for scattering sunlight. Hemimorphite’s energy inspires flow and release of tensions, ideal for relaxed days under summer skies.

Whirl Hemimorphite towers over the body to dispel heat and light after applying sunscreen, or place pieces in beach bags and car windows. Use a mister to spritz milled Hemimorphite onto the skin whenever you need a crystal-powered cool down!


hematite on white background

Hematite utilizes iron oxide to shield the skin from UVA overexposure. In Ancient Ayurveda, warriors rubbed Hematite over their bodies to energize and safeguard flesh before battle, making it perfect for protecting summer skin!

Apply Hematite powder as a restorative facial mask after sun exposure to revitalize the complexion. The crystal’s energy dispels unease and infuses endurance. Fashion beads of etched Hematite bars into bracelets or necklaces that can be worn while swimming or sunbathing.


Magnetite on white background

The Magnetite stone draws in and deflects sunlight away from the skin. This iron oxide crystal has been used since antiquity in talismans against geopathic stress and electromagnetic smog. In suncare, Magnetite lends these protective powers to shield skin from UVA-induced free radicals.

Add crushed Magnetite to facial clays that can be applied as masks before and after sun exposure to prevent damage while energizing skin. Faceted Magnetite massage wands reinvigorate the complexion’s magnetic field for restoration. Fashion Magnetite bars into bracelets and necklaces to turn up the crystal’s shielding powers wherever summer takes you.


lepidocrite on white background
Image Source: Flickr | Gerald Armstrong

With layers like dragon scales in fiery red and orange hues, Lepidocrocite is a bewitching iron hydroxide mineral that deflects and absorbs UVA/UVB rays. Used since Roman times to ward off harmful magic, Lepidocrocite could provide some sun protection. This crystal’s magic says “No!” to sun damage!

Stir Lepidocrocite powder into mineral makeup for an otherworldly glowing complexion that is safe from sunlight. Place rough Lepidocrocite shards into pouches that can be tucked into swim bags and beach totes to spread protective magic. 


UV lighted Willemite stone showing green color on a white background
Image Source: flickr.com | Eden, Janine and Jim

With its glowing green shards, Willemite brings the magic of the Aurora Borealis to summer suncare. This zinc silicate crystal shimmers with inclusions that disperse light energy, ideal for scattering UVA/UVB rays. 

Work Willemite powder into moisturizers and mists to illuminate summer skin with UV barriers. Decorate sun hats and visors with raw Willemite crystal clusters to turn heads with mineral magic. 

Tiger’s Eye

Tigers eye with white background

Tiger’s Eye is here to make suncare eye-catching and protective. Its iron oxide inclusions absorb blue and violet light waves while deflecting UVA/UVB rays. Ancient Romans carried Tiger’s Eye for courage.

Swirl milled Tiger’s Eye into body bronzers to lend summer radiance along with antioxidants. Bracelets of tumbled, raw Tiger’s Eye stones shield exposed skin with style. Place pieces in beach bags to spread vibrancy and protection everywhere summer fun is found!


peridot on white background

Peridot has symbolized sun power since ancient times, harnessed to shield skin from summer’s rays. Its iron composition drinks up ultraviolet damage so skin doesn’t have to. 

Press Peridot crystal powder into sunscreen bars that can glide onto skin, leaving refreshing radiance and UV barriers. Fasten raw Peridot pieces onto hats and swimsuit coverups so the crystal’s green magic can work its protective wonders.


Ruby crystal on a white background
Image Source: Wikimedia.org | Robert M. Lavinsky

The passion of Ruby has made this blazing red stone an emblem of vigor since antiquity, and it brings that tireless potency to suncare! Trace iron imparts Ruby’s glow while protecting skin from free radicals and infrared radiation.

Stir Ruby powder into facial mists and body creams to illuminate skin with moisture, vitality, and UV barriers. Adorn swimsuits and coverups with cabochon Ruby stones to inspire adventure. Let Ruby ignite passion for summer while guarding your glimmer!


obsidian crystal on a white background

Obsidian lends its protective magic to sun defense rituals. Ancient warriors anointed skin with this volcanic glass before battle, making Obsidian the perfect crystal companion for active summer fun!

Obsidian powder blends into enchanting black lip balms and body bronzers for Gothic allure with antioxidants. Tumbled Obsidian pieces lend bold elegance to hats and bags while warding off harm. 


Are Crystal Cosmetics for Sun Protection Safe?

Yes, when used properly, crystal-infused suncare products containing mineral UV filters, like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, are generally safe and effective. Always follow usage guidelines and discontinue use if any irritation occurs. Crystals with sharp edges should not be used.

What are the Benefits of Using Crystals in Sun-Protection Cosmetics?

Key benefits of using crystals in cosmetics for sun protection include physical broad spectrum sun protection, antioxidants to neutralize skin damage, and energetic vibration that can promote harmony, confidence, and relaxation in the sun. 

How Do You Use Crystals for Sun Protection?

For sun protection, crystals can be finely milled into powders and incorporated into lotions, balms, and serums. Tumbled crystals can be carried in pockets or worn as jewelry. Larger crystals can be strategically placed around beach chairs or car windows to refract light.

When and How to Use Crystals for Sun Protection?

To use crystals for sun protection, use crystal suncare products as part of your daily morning skincare routine or as touch-up throughout sun exposure. Carry or wear crystal accessories that defend against the sun whenever partaking in summer activities.

What are the Disadvantages of Crystals for Sun-Protection Cosmetics?

The disadvantages of crystals for sun-protection cosmetics is that improperly formulated products may not offer adequate UV protection. Crystals with sharp edges could potentially cause minor cuts if used topically. 

Use Crystals for Sun Protection!

As we look to the summer months ahead, take inspiration from ancient healing practices and incorporate protective crystals into your suncare routine! Layer on lotions, balms, and serums containing metals like titanium, zinc, and iron for mineral-based blocking of UVA/UVB damage. 

This season, infuse healing vibes and protective properties wherever summer takes you. Tap into positive energy from crystals as you soak up golden days. With a few radiant mineral allies, make this your most magical, safest summer yet under the sun!

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