Medusa Quartz

(meh-DOO-sah kwarts)
Main Origins:
Paraiba, Brazil.

What is Medusa Quartz?

An unusual and rare form of included Quartz made up of Clear Quartz with hydrated copper silicate inclusions known as Gilalite is most commonly referred to as Medusa Quartz. 

The spherical and radiating structure of blue to green Gilalite suspended within Clear Quartz is visually reminiscent of the adult phase of a jellyfish when it is called a Medusa.

While the Gilalite was disc

medusa quartz on palm
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overed around 1980, it was first found floating within Clear Quartz specimens in 2004 and named Medusa Quartz, or Paraiba Quartz, after the area where it was found in São José da Batalha, Salgadinho, Paraíba, Brazil.

The transformative vibration of this crystal can be understood by looking into the benefits of the two minerals that it is composed of, as well as the energy of the symbolism held within its form and name.

Although this crystal does encourage engagement with some heavier themes, its vibration also offers resilience, healing, and lightness through integration and transformation.

Medusa Quartz Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

The metaphysical properties of Medusa Quartz can be understood by looking into the meaning and connection to this crystal’s main ruling planet, element, chakras, and numerical vibrations.

The ruling planet of Medusa Quartz is Neptune, which is linked to a focus on and exploration of the subconscious, spiritual, intuition, dreams, delusions, creativity, and inspiration. Medusa Quartz inspires deep subconscious excavation and healing that often leads to a new spiritual awareness.

Medusa Quartz has the ruling element of Water, which reflects the properties of this crystal, such as surrendering to flow, healing, wisdom, and refreshed life. It is associated with the higher chakras – the Heart, Throat, and Third Eye.

The activation of the Heart Chakra, especially by Medusa Quartz congaing green Gilalite inclusions, imbues this crystal’s energy with compassion and support. It encourages kindness toward yourself and other beings.

Activating the Throat Chakra by working with Medusa Quartz leads to self-expression and finding a state of empowerment from our experiences and lessons. Third-Eye energy brings in a higher perspective on your life experiences and allows you to fully receive transformation, spiritual activation, and upgrades.

Medusa Quartz resonates with the numerical vibrations 4 and 7. 4 further imbues this crystal with the power of endurance. It is also associated with themes such as realism, inner wisdom, and stability.

7 is a number of spiritual acceptance, spiritual development, and expanded spiritual awareness. This number resonates with Medusa Quartz’s properties of endurance, perseverance, dignity, and contentment.

Medusa Quartz Healing Properties & Benefits

Integrating Duality

  • Medusa Quartz brings our focus to the reality of duality. It helps us to be present with both the light and dark aspects of our human experience to accept that both are part of the nature of life. Anchoring the knowing that every experience is profoundly nuanced and ever-changing.
  • Practice breathwork while connecting with Medusa Quartz and allow all thoughts and emotions to arise. The energy of this crystal will help you validate every aspect of your experience as sacred and feel the healing power of giving space and acceptance to both the wonderful and the difficult.

Focus and Clarity

  • This crystal’s energy improves our focus, which is helpful as it initiates deep introspection that can lead to greater clarity within, acknowledgment, or deeper insight into whatever we seek to integrate. 
  • Keeping a piece of Medusa Quartz with you while you meditate or engage in any deep healing or integration practice will help you focus and clarify.


  • Medusa Quartz symbolism attunes its vibrational effect to include increased resilience. It also reminds us to acknowledge and appreciate the ways that we have already been naturally resilient and how this allows us to continue moving forward or to make necessary changes.
  • Work with Medusa Quartz for this healing benefit by repeating affirmations, such as, “I am resilient, I love and accept myself and my adaptability, I acknowledge my pain but embody my power.”

Trauma Support

  • It is a truly awesome stone to work with when going through, making sense of, or healing from any type of traumatic experience. Medusa Quartz has a deeply loving, nonjudgmental, and emotionally supportive energy.
  • Keep this stone near you, especially when you are experiencing a trigger or when you’re engaging with your thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations surrounding a traumatic experience.

Subconscious Level Healing

  • Medusa Quartz can be considered a stone of profound healing as it brings light and supportive healing vibrations and transformation towards deeply rooted or internalized patterns that we have formed due to trauma, unjust societal conditioning, or the realities of the human condition.
  • Hold your crystal and program it with your intention to accept support and healing vibrations directed toward any aspects within your subconscious that require this clarifying energy.

Medusa Quartz Spiritual Properties & Benefits

confident man shadow transform into a muscular person

Feminine Power

  • A crystal that emanates raw feminine power. It empowers embodied divine feminine energy, the power of the genuinely natural feminine nature, which includes both light and dark. It sheds light and offers energetic support for traumas incurred by females due to a distorted perception, fear, and dominance of the feminine.
  • Connect with this crystal, celebrate, and reclaim all aspects of divine femininity in a way that feels most empowered for you. Consider visualization, affirmation, self-expression, healing, activism, validation, forgiveness, education, creation, and embodiment.

Endurance and Surrender

  • Medusa Quartz offers the energetic activation of this power attributed to the divine feminine. Endurance can mean strength and willpower. It can also be flexible, flow, and surrender.
  • Connect with this stone when seeking assistance and an easier way to overcome a challenge. Hold it or wear it and take a moment in prayer to ask for divine assistance (if it is the appropriate response to the situation at hand, of course) and choose to surrender in trust.

Acceptance and Contentment

  • Although this stone is supportive in dealing with complex issues, it is actually guiding us toward simplicity, to care for ourselves and others well, to accept our humanness, and to be content knowing that we can eventually alchemize whatever life brings our way. 
  • Engage in consistent meditation practice and connect with your Medusa Quartz crystal to intentionally attune to a state of contentment.


  • This crystal helps us to uncover, accept, and heal, but it can also be helpful for energetic protection. Medusa Quartz properties can be intentionally used to upgrade the protective and purifying qualities of your auric field.
  • Hold your stone and visualize layers of white light, deep blues, teal, and green enveloping your being. 


  • Many of the properties and benefits of this crystal naturally inspire and lead to transformation. It teaches how challenges are alchemical and that they lead to upgrades when we take the time and effort to integrate our experiences, considering both our human and higher perspectives.
  • Medusa Quartz is a powerful talisman to wear or keep on your altar within your home. As you connect with your stones’ energy over time, it will offer transformational insight as well as energetic support and guidance, especially related to the themes discussed within this article. 

Side Effects of Medusa Quartz

  • Shadow Work: This crystal can initiate deep shadow work as its energy prompts us to acknowledge duality as a human experience and a catalyst for transformation.
  • Uncovering Feminine Wounding: Due to the symbolism carried by the name of this stone, it may guide you to engage with and heal aspects surrounding collective feminine wounds or your personal experiences related to this. 

Medusa Quartz Meaning: What Does Medusa Quartz Symbolize?

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The meaning of Medusa Quartz is “transformational resilience.”

Medusa Quartz symbolism is greatly attributed to the Gilalite within it that looks like a colony of jellyfish. The Medusa is the mature reproductive stage of a jellyfish’s life cycle. The name and forms within this crystal imbue it with the symbolism or energy of jellyfish. 

Jellyfish symbolize water spirits that go with the flow, trusting and surrendering to life. They are also associated with adaptability, resilience, and transformation. In some cultures, jellyfish are associated with the subconscious mind or spiritual underworld. This resonates with the energy of Medusa Quartz.

Medusa Quartz also holds symbolism beyond that of a jellyfish, as it naturally has an association with Medusa due to its name. Even though this is not the reason it was named so, words carry a vibration, and this one has a powerful collective consciousness association of the mythology of Medusa.

She was a beautiful priestess who was cursed due to extreme jealousy and patriarchy. Medusa was turned into a gorgon who turned those who gazed upon her into stone. She was hunted until her head was claimed by Perseus and used as a protective amulet.

Medusa is a symbol of defilement of the feminine. She was the victim of the worst shadow aspects that even Greek gods were fallible to. She became a symbol of feminine power, transformation, complexity, duality, and protection against evil. These traits definitely link with some of the energetic themes of Medusa Quartz.

Types of Medusa Quartz

  • Blue Medusa Quartz: Spherical blue Gilalite inclusions within Clear Quartz offer all the resilient and healing benefits of Medusa Quartz that lead to transformation. 
  • Teal Medusa Quartz: Blue-green or teal Gilalite floating within clear Quartz crystal is particularly beneficial for self-expression and empowerment.
  • Green Medusa Quartz: Mid to light green Gilalite inclusions within Clear Quartz are energetically supportive of all emotions and deepen compassion for all beings, including yourself.
  • Orangish Medusa Quartz: Clear Quartz with blue to green Gilalite inclusions and small sections of orange to brown coloration. Orangish or Brownish Medusa Quartz focuses on creativity and transformation, among its other benefits.
  • White Medusa Quartz: Medusa Quartz specimens with low clarity and rougher pieces can appear whitish. This variation offers all the healing benefits typical for this stone, such as subconscious-level healing and transformation.
  • Blackish Medusa Quartz: Black streaks or sections can be present within various Medusa Quartz specimens, contributing an extra layer of energetic protection and strength.
  • Transparent Medusa Quartz: High-clarity specimens of Medusa Quartz are predominantly Clear Quartz where Gilalite or other inclusions are seen vividly. Transparent Medusa Quartz also assists with embodying a state of focus and clarity. 
  • Cloudy Medusa Quartz: Specimens that display patches of cloudy white or gray Quartz contrasted with sections of clarity with Gilalite inclusions dispersed throughout or in sections of the stone. This stone is helpful for acknowledging, accepting, and transforming confusion and illusions
  • Striped Medusa Quartz: Clear Quartz with a distinct single strip of fluffy-looking lighter blue Gilalite crystals. Some specimens also have a strip of faint brownish inclusion along the edge of the blue stripe. Striped Medusa Quartz is perfect for improving focus and resilience.
  • Bicolor Medusa Quartz: Has two distinct sections, usually one section of dense lighter blue Gilalite included Quartz contrasted with a section of perfectly clear Quartz. This variation of Medusa Quartz is useful for integrating duality.
  • Acicular Medusa Quartz: Clear Quartz that contains a layer or large section of light blue to green tiny needle-like inclusions of Gilalite or other blue copper silicate minerals. This crystal helps us penetrate deeply into our subconscious and the collective subtle realms to better understand our human experiences.
  • Medusa Phantom Quartz: Specimens containing visibly overlapping layers of Quartz and typical Medusa Gilalite inclusions. This type of crystal growth further amplifies all its potent healing qualities.
  • Dense Medusa Quartz: Clear Quartz densely filled with inclusions predominantly blue to green Medusa-shaped or acicular Gilalite crystals. Dense Medusa Quartz is excellent for healing collective energetic wounding and stepping into full feminine expression and power.
  • Spotted Medusa Quartz: This variety is dotted with round Gilalite inclusions that give the visual effect of the stone having spots throughout it. Spotted Medusa Quartz resonates with the feeling of spaciousness or contentment that comes from acceptance, deep healing, and transformation.
  • Medusa Quartz with Cuprite: Clear Quartz with blue to green Gilalite inclusions and some red inclusions due to the full or partial alteration of Gilalite to Cuprite. Red Medusa Quartz offers the additional benefit of grounding and increased energy. 
  • Medusa Quartz with Papagoite: Medusa Quartz included with deeper blue Papagoite is especially activating for the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. 

How to Cleanse Medusa Quartz?

moonlight reflection on water

  • Moonlight: Clean and charge your Medusa Quartz by placing it under the full or new moon for an entire evening.
  • Selenite: Intentionally place a piece of Selenite touching your Medusa Quartz for 4 to 7 hours to cleanse it fully.
  • Smudging: Bathe your crystal in the smoke of cleansing herbs, such as sage, cedar, rosemary, patchouli, or lemongrass.

Questions and Answers

What is Medusa Quartz?

Medusa Quartz is a rare variety of included Quartz, made up of Clear Quartz with blue to green Gilalite inclusions. It is found exclusively in Paraiba, Brazil.

What are the Benefits of Medusa Quartz?

Medusa Quartz has many valuable benefits when engaging in deep healing and shadow work. It is a stone of resilience and transformation.

What is Medusa Quartz Made of?

Medusa Quartz is composed of Clear Quartz and Gilalite, which is a blue or green-hydrated copper silicate mineral.

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