(kly - noh - zoh - ahyt)
Main Origins:
USA, Italy, Austria, Russia, Norway, Mexico, Switzerland, and Pakistan

What is Clinozoisite?

Clinozoisite on dark background
Image Source: Wikimedia | Didier Descouens

Clinozoisite is part of the Epidote group of minerals and is classified chemically as a calcium aluminum sorosilicate. When formed under high-pressure, low-temperature conditions, it exhibits shades of green but can also be gray, yellow, brown, or even pink (called Thulite).

Clinozoisite is an agent of transformation. Like its formation under extreme pressure and trying conditions, it represents how beauty can come out of difficulty. It beholds an inspiring message to keep close as you navigate life’s ups and downs. 

This mineral was discovered in 1896 in Tyrol, Austria, and bears close resemblance to Zoisite. It is also often mistaken for Epidote and is one of the rarest gemstones on Earth. Because of how challenging it is to find Clinozoisite, it is deemed one of the more expensive minerals.

Clinozoisite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Clinozoisite’s subtle healing energy mediates the Aries’s fiery passion and intellectual curiosity. It grounds these folk with calm vibrations and aids emotional healing. This stone also nudges Geminis to use their adaptable natures for resilience, building, and personal transformation.

Clinozoisite resonates deeply with both Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, helping you maintain emotional equilibrium and foster personal power and emotional fortitude while creating peace within yourself. 

Its grounding energy brings self-confidence and eases identity crisis, while its connection to the Heart Chakra encourages love, compassion, and deep and meaningful emotional relationships. 

Clinozoisite provides stability while amplifying personal power and emotional fortitude, ultimately aiding you in maintaining emotional equilibrium for yourself and others while increasing personal power and emotional fortitude.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is closely connected to Clinozoisite. Under her influence, Clinozoisite promotes themes related to love, compassion, and inner peace. Just as Venus shines brightly in the sky, similarly, it encourages you to let your inner beauty and strength come through even during difficult times.

Clinozoisite is an Earth element stone and reminds you of your deep connection to Mother Earth. It can help keep you grounded during life’s most turbulent moments while encouraging inner transformation through gradual evolution, similar to Mother Earth herself.

Growth, creativity, power of the trinity of body-mind-soul, unconditional love, and deep emotional healing are all associated with 3 and 66, reflecting Clinozoisite’s essence. This stone invites healing potential for personal and collective development.

Clinozoisite Healing Properties and Benefits

Emotional Clarity

  • With its grounding energies, Clinozoisite promotes emotional clarity by stabilizing feelings and bringing balance. This stone removes toxic clutter from your mind and heart, promoting feelings of peace and focus.
  • Meditate with this crystal in your palm to clear your mind of emotional clutter. You can also bathe with it for 10 minutes.


  • By helping to clear emotional uncertainties and fostering self-love, Clinozoisite encourages loyalty toward yourself and others. It enhances trust in relationships and prevents wandering eyes and feet.
  • Carry it in your pocket or purse, or wear it as a reminder of your commitment to personal and relational growth.

Heals a broken heart

  • Clinozoisite has potent heart-healing properties and is great for helping mend a broken heart during a breakup or loss. It can help you let go of the past easier and open your heart to the possibilities of the future.
  • It can be placed over the Heart Chakra during healing sessions to facilitate emotional recovery and rejuvenate the heart’s energy.


  • Clinozoisite aids in letting go of resentment, encouraging forgiveness. It helps you release long held grudges and anger from your heart.
  • Hold the stone while consciously releasing any grudges or hurts you’ve been holding onto.

Confidence and Inner Resilience

  • Using Clinozoisite promotes confidence by enhancing personal power and fostering resilience. It gives you the inner grit needed to deal with tough experiences.
  • Carry it with you, or wear it as jewelry to boost self-assurance and emotional strength.

Clinozoisite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

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Crisis Management

  • Working with Clinozoisite offers support in a crisis, providing stability and understanding. 
  • Keep this stone close during challenging times to anchor your spirit and guide you through turbulent waters.


  • The stone boosts energy, perfect for when you need a headstart to embark on a new passion project. 
  • Drink an indirectly infused Clinozoisite crystal elixir for an energy boost.

Joy and Hope

  • Clinozoisite can imbue your spiritual journey with joy and hope, counterbalancing negativity. 
  • Meditate with this stone on your Heart Chakra to help tap into its positive, uplifting vibrations.

Greater Understanding

  • Using Clinozoisite aids in helping you achieve a deeper understanding of your spiritual self and the world around you. 
  • Sleep with Clinozoisite on your nightstand or under your pillow to invite greater universal wisdom and understanding.


  • Clinozoisite can boost your intuitive powers, serving as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. 
  • Hold the stone during meditation or spiritual practices to enhance your intuitive abilities.

Side Effects of Clinozoisite

  • Overwhelming Emotions: As Clinozoisite brings suppressed emotions to the surface for healing, you might initially experience intense, often overwhelming feelings.
  • Heightened Sensitivity: Clinozoisite can increase your emotional and spiritual sensitivity. This heightened sensitivity might make you feel vulnerable or exposed initially, especially if you are not accustomed to such openness.
  • Sleep Disruption: You might experience changes in your sleeping patterns or vivid dreams due to the energy shift caused by Clinozoisite. 
  • Draining: As the stone works to heal and balance, you may initially feel more drained as your energy system realigns.

Clinozoisite Meaning: What does Clinozoisite Symbolize?

A woman holding a clear quartz crystal near her forehead

The meaning of Clinozoisite is: “Emotional Clarity Invites Healing.”

The name Clinozoiste comes from the Greek word “klinein,” which means “to incline,” referring to the tilted structure of the crystal. Clinozoisite incorporates the ability to adapt quickly to new environments, make positive transformations, and find true emotional healing.

Possessing a deep connection to the Heart Chakra, Clinozoisite promotes feelings of kindness and unconditional love. This stone is beneficial in aiding emotional healing during challenging times and instills you with strength and optimism.

Clinozoisite symbolizes nature’s transformative power, emphasizing the ability to transform difficult situations into opportunities for personal development, strength, and learning to create beauty from the darkness. 

Clinozoisite was formed under extreme pressure, making this crystal a symbol of resilience. Working with Clinozoisite enhances your intuition and spiritual growth and helps you tap into your intuition to comprehend a higher purpose for living. 

It helps you tap into the higher truth to access a deeper understanding of life. Clinozoisite provides a sense of stability and balance, reminding you to remain grounded with yourself emotionally as well as physically. 

By aiding the process of conquering challenges, this stone helps you find relief from emotional turmoil and develop spiritual insights, just like an attentive friend who keeps your spirits high when times get rough.

Types of Clinozoisite

  • Classic Clinozoisite: Predominantly green or gray, this variety strengthens resilience and promotes emotional growth, making it a great stone to use when undergoing a transformation.
  • Thulite (Pink Clinozoisite): A pink to reddish variant of Clinozoisite, Thulite encourages compassion, extroversion, and eloquence. 
  • Blue Clinozoisite: This blue variety of Clinozoisite, also known as Blue Zoisite, has a calming energy and helps with communication and expression.

How To Cleanse Clinozoisite?

A sage stick that is burning

  • Moonlight – Place Clinozoisite in the light of the full moon overnight to cleanse any negative lingering energies.
  • Sage – Wave your Clinozoisute through the smoke of a burning sage bundle to cleanse and charge the stone.
  • Soil – Bury the stone in your garden or a pot of soil for 24 hours to reset it to its original vibration.


What is Clinozoisite used for?

Clinozoisite is used for promoting emotional clarity, resilience, and healing. You can use it in practices that aim to restore balance and alignment. It is a stone of transformation and personal growth.

What is Clinozoisite Stone?

Clinozoisite stone is a calcium aluminum sorosilicate mineral with a hardness of 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale. It is part of the Epidote family and is usually found in green, gray, pink, or brown shades.

What is the Difference Between Clinozoisite and Epidote?

The main difference between Clinozoisite and Epidote is that their crystalline structures differ. Epidote is darker and can range from yellow-green to deep green, while Clinozoisite is often lighter, ranging from gray to pale green or pink.

What Colors does Clinozoisite Come in?

Clinozoisite can come in various colors, including green, gray, brown, and pink.

What are the Metaphysical Properties of Clinozoisite?

The metaphysical properties of Clinozoisite include promoting emotional clarity, resilience, and deep emotional healing. It also fosters loyalty, forgiveness, and inner strength.

What is the Cost of Clinozoisite?

Small, raw Clinozoisite pieces can range from a few dollars to around $20 to $30. Higher quality specimens or jewelry pieces with Clinozoisite are more expensive, ranging from $50 to several hundred dollars.

Clinozoisite Interactions

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