March Birthstone Color: Bloodstone Crystal Meaning

  1. What is the Color for March?
  2. Bloodstone Zodiac Signs
  3. Bloodstone March Birthstone: Meaning and History
  4. 10 Types of Bloodstone
  5. 5 Uses of Bloodstone Crystals for March Babies
  6. Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Bloodstone
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What is the captivating story behind March’s birthstone color? How does the shimmering hue of Bloodstone crystal connect with March? Delve into the intriguing world of birthstones and uncover their significance.

Birthstones have long been cherished for their mystical properties and personal connections. These gemstones are believed to bring good luck, protection, and prosperity. Symbols for March include the mesmerizing Bloodstone, taking the spotlight as the month’s birthstone. It captures the imagination of many with its unique characteristics and deep historical roots.

What is the Color for March?

March’s birthstone color is an alluring blend of dark green with red speckles, or veins, resembling drops of blood. This mesmerizing hue belongs to the enchanting Bloodstone crystal, a gemstone cherished across various cultures for centuries. 

This is because of its unique appearance and symbolic meanings. Its deep green base symbolizes growth and renewal, whereas the striking red markings are believed to represent vitality and courage

People born in March are fortunate to have this beautiful and meaningful gemstone as their birthstone color. This color carries a sense of healing, strength, and protection throughout their lives.

Bloodstone Zodiac Signs

An image of the Aries and Pisces zodiac signs in black and white, set against a white background.

Bloodstone is closely linked to two zodiac signs: Aries and Pisces. 

Aries, born between March 21st and April 19th, is a Fire sign known for its passion, determination, and leadership qualities. Bloodstone’s connection with Aries is rooted in its ability to enhance its natural assertiveness and courage. 

This crystal empowers Ariens to overcome challenges. It also helps to pursue their goals with unwavering focus. Bloodstone’s vibrant energy aligns perfectly with Ariens’ ambitious nature. This makes it a valuable companion for those seeking strength and vitality.

Pisces, born between February 19th and March 20th, is a Water sign known for its empathy, intuition, and artistic flair. Bloodstone’s connection with Pisces stems from its capacity to soothe and balance their emotions. 

Pisces can enjoy Bloodstone’s grounding properties as sensitive beings. This helps them to stay connected to reality while exploring their imaginative and artistic pursuits. This crystal assists Pisces in navigating through emotional challenges and finding inner peace. This allows them to tap into their creative potential.

Bloodstone can be useful for both Aries and Pisces if they want to employ it daily. They can keep a Bloodstone crystal with them or wear it as jewelry to be reminded of their inner fortitude and special qualities. 

Bloodstone March Birthstone: Meaning and History

polished Bloodstone on a white background

March birthday people can benefit from the healing, strength, and courage the Bloodstone crystal provides. Its strong energy promotes development, health, and safety.

Historically, Bloodstone has been held in high regard by many different cultures. Its mystical abilities, which included improving health and protecting against bad spirits, were widely believed in ancient times. 

Christians believe it was formed when Christ’s blood splashed down to Earth. Hence, the phenomenon has a special meaning for them. 

This gemstone has been worn as a protective amulet for centuries because of its rare beauty and magical qualities.

The significance of Bloodstone varied greatly from culture to culture. The Babylonians thought it had curative and even prosperous properties. In India, it served as a potent symbol of success. The Greeks connected it to their God of War, Ares, who symbolizes power and success. It was used as a shield by Egyptian soldiers in combat. 

The March-born have always been fascinated by the mythological history surrounding the Bloodstone. This gives them strength and confidence as they move on in life by linking them to old traditions.

10 Types of Bloodstone

March celebrants can explore a variety of Bloodstone crystals, each with unique qualities just for them. Each Bloodstone variety holds its charm and benefits, perfect for those celebrating their birthdays in March.

  1. Cherry Orchard Bloodstone: It has a lush crimson hue that ignites passion and vitality, inspiring determination.
  2. Banded Bloodstone: With captivating green and red bands, it empowers with balance and strength to face challenges.
  3. African Green Bloodstone: Its deep green shades connect with nature, promoting growth and grounded well-being.
  4. Oregon Bloodstone: Reflecting Oregon’s beauty, it heals and brings harmony to physical and emotional well-being.
  5. Indian Bloodstone: Embodied with Indian landscapes’ colors, it instills courage and determination.
  6. Brazilian Bloodstone: Embrace Brazil’s vibrant hues, renewing energy and motivation to pursue dreams.
  7. Brown Bloodstone: Its earthy tones offer grounding energy for creativity and imagination.
  8. Orange Bloodstone: Resonating with a sunset’s energy, it sparks creativity and inspiration.
  9. Gray Bloodstone: Evoking tranquil landscapes, it brings calm and emotional balance.
  10. Serpentine and Quartz on Bloodstone: A powerful combination promoting transformation, healing, and spiritual growth.

5 Uses of Bloodstone Crystals for March Babies

A polished bloodstone pendant

March celebrants can embrace the power of Bloodstone in these diverse ways, experiencing its mystical qualities daily. This crystal reminds them of their strength, courage, and connection to nature.

Wear It as Jewelry

Adorn yourself with Bloodstone crystal jewelry or accessories like bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. By wearing this beautiful gemstone close to your body, you can carry its energies throughout the day. It will promote strength, courage, and emotional balance.

Meditation Aid

Incorporate Bloodstone into your meditation practice. Hold the crystal in your hand or place it on your body as you meditate to enhance your focus. It can deepen your connection with nature and experience a sense of rejuvenation.

Energize Your Living Space

Display Bloodstone in your bedroom, living room, or workspace. The gem’s vibrant energy will help create a harmonious and grounded environment. This fosters productivity, creativity, and well-being.

Crystal Grids

Utilize Bloodstone in crystal grids to amplify its energies and intentions. Combine it with other compatible crystals, like Green Aventurine for prosperity or Red Jasper for motivation. Set your preferences and let the crystal grid enhance their manifestation.

Wellness and Skincare

Infuse Bloodstone’s energy into your daily skincare routine. Gently massage your face with a Bloodstone roller or apply skincare products infused with this crystal’s essence. Its nourishing properties promote healthy-looking skin and a revitalized complexion.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Bloodstone

Following these simple and practical tips ensures your Bloodstone crystal remains vibrant and charged.

  1. Gentle Cleansing: Opt for gentle cleansing to keep your Bloodstone crystal pristine. Rinse it under lukewarm water and use a soft cloth to remove any surface dust or dirt. 
  2. Charging Under Moonlight: Periodically charge your Bloodstone under the light of a full moon to revitalize its energies. Find a safe spot outdoors or near a window where the moon’s rays can reach the crystal. 
  3. Smudging with Sage: Incorporate smudging with sage as a cleansing ritual for your Bloodstone crystal. Light a bundle of dried sage and pass the crystal through the cleansing smoke. 

Final Thoughts

In birthstones, these mesmerizing gems offer more than just beauty. Exploring the mystical properties of these birthstones shows us how to align our energies with the universe. When we embrace these birthstones and include them in our daily routines, their meanings connect with our inner selves. 


What is the Birthstone for March?

The birthstone for March is Bloodstone.

What Color is March’s Bloodstone Birthstone?

Bloodstone typically exhibits a dark green color with specks or veins of red, resembling drops of blood, which is how it got its name.

What is the Meaning and Symbolism of Bloodstone?

Bloodstone is believed to hold various meanings and symbolisms, including courage, protection, vitality, strength, and purification. In ancient times, it was associated with healing properties and was believed to aid in stopping bleeding and improving overall health.

What is March’s Lucky Stone?

The lucky stone for March is Bloodstone. It is believed to bring good luck, protection, and prosperity to those born this month.

What Does March’s Birthstone Symbolize?

March’s birthstone, Bloodstone, symbolizes healing, strength, and courage. It is also associated with vitality, growth, and renewal.

What Symbolizes the Month of March?

The month of March is symbolized by spring, representing new beginnings, growth, and rejuvenation. Bloodstone’s birthstone also illustrates the power of nature and its connection to human life.

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