How To Cleanse Amazonite Crystal? 10 Ways 

  1. Why You Should Cleanse Amazonite?
  2. 10 Ways to Cleanse Amazonite
  3. What to Keep in Mind When Clearing Amazonite?
  4. Conclusion: Cleanse Amazonite Crystal Safely With the Power of Earth 

This blue-green crystal works on many aspects of deep healing by helping us release through expression and compassion. Amazonite can help relieve fears, worries, intense emotions, traumas, patterns, and more.

As it relieves so much heaviness, it must be energetically cleansed, and it’s essential to research how to cleanse Amazonite properly.

The best way to cleanse Amazonite is by working with one of the ruling elements of this stone, Earth. Bury your Amazonite under some soil for a few hours to entirely energetically cleanse your crystal.

Amazonite is one of the crystals that emphasizes the importance of explicitly researching how to cleanse each crystal, as they can differ greatly in how they must be handled. 

Take Care: Amazonite contains a toxic metal and a low radioactive presence. This is one of the points that is essential to know when working with or cleansing this crystal.  

Why You Should Cleanse Amazonite?

It is necessary to regularly cleanse your Amazonite crystal, as many of its healing properties are cleansing. The crystal will cleanse lower vibrational energies and hold some of these energies within its vibration. 

Cleansing is necessary after deep healing surrounding the release of trauma, old patterns, fears, grief, and emotional pain. You should engage in Amazonite cleansing after intentional practices with your crystal.

If you are wearing Amazonite jewelry or simply keeping an Amazonite crystal in your collection, create a cleansing ritual for this crystal at least once a month.

Many of these methods will have cleansing and charging effects on your crystal. Still, it is best to specifically research how to charge Amazonite as another part of your ritual of working with this stone. 

Delve into the world of Amazonite on the crystal profile page for Amazonite.

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10 Ways to Cleanse Amazonite

It is essential to know the cleansing specifications and restrictions for any crystal you work with, including their safety and durability in water and sunlight.

Amazonite is safe to go into water and sunlight for short periods. 

The suitable Amazonite cleansing options and suggested methods to use are discussed below.

The Best Way to Cleanse Amazonite: Earth or Soil

A person scooping a handful of soil

Cleansing Amazonite with Earth is the best way to cleanse it, as Earth is one of the ruling elements of Amazonite. Earth is a safe way to cleanse your stone that will not damage it.

You can cleanse your piece of Amazonite using this element by burying your stone in dry soil for at least 5 hours. Be sure to wrap your stone in a thin, natural fiber cloth to keep it physically clean.

If you are burying your crystal outdoors, mark where you bury it. You can also choose to bury it in a potted plant or container of soil.

How To Cleanse Amazonite Crystal with Natural Light

The sun seen through the flower

Exposing your Amazonite stone to moonlight or sunlight will energetically cleanse anything not part of your stone’s essence or properties. Light is a great way to cleanse Amazonite, as it is easily accessible and mostly safe for your crystal.

Amazonite is entirely safe to be in the moonlight. However, it can only be in direct sunlight for short periods since sunlight and heat can degrade its color and luster. This is why moonlight is preferable for cleansing Amazonite. 

To cleanse Amazonite with moonlight, you can place your crystal in a safe spot, directly under the night sky during the full moon or new moon, for 5 hours or more to cleanse it.

If you use sunlight to cleanse your Amazonite, you may leave it in full sunlight for up to 5 minutes. If you want to leave it in the sun a little longer, you can place it in partial sun or sunlight filtered through a window or curtain.

How To Cleanse Amazonite with Sounds

emerald necklace placed on top of a black table

Sound frequencies work well for cleansing Amazonite. When a crystal is exposed to a harmonic sound frequency, it is energetically affected by the sounds. This effect cleanses when the correct frequencies are used, and a clear intention is set.

You can use many forms of intentional sound vibrations to cleanse Amazonite, including singing bowls, tuning forks, tuned instruments, frequency music, medicine songs, or mantras.

If you are creating the sounds vocally, set your intention for cleansing and hold your crystal while chanting or singing. If you are using an instrument or sound healing tool, place the crystal as near as possible to the source of the sound.

When using a singing bowl, place your stone inside the bowl. If using tuning forks, direct the fork toward it. If you use pre-recorded sounds, then place them near the speaker. 

Trust your intuition to tell you how long you should expose your Amazonite to the sounds.

How To Cleanse Amazonite with Affirmations

A woman meditating in a room

Using the vibrational power of words and the positive attunement of clear affirmations is another easy and enjoyable way to cleanse Amazonite.

One way of using affirmations for cleansing and attunement is by chanting Amazonited associated seed mantras. The Heart Chakra seed mantra YAM and the Throat Chakra seed mantra HAM can be chanted 5 times while holding your crystal.

You can also say your affirmations for crystal cleansing aloud or write them down on paper and leave this page under your crystal for 5 hours.

Positive Affirmations Suggestions for Purification and Cleansing Amazonite:

  • Whatever is no longer resonant with the original resonance of this Amazonite crystal is now thoroughly cleansed.
  • I am thankful for the healing benefits and support brought to me by Amazonite. I thoroughly cleanse it with the power of my intention.
  • I use my powerful intention and connection to infinite energy to cleanse this Amazonite crystal.

How to Cleanse Amazonite with Water

Crystals that are submerged in the water container

Although water is one of the ruling elements of this crystal, and it is one of the Crystals That Can Be Submerged Into Water, you should utilize the cleansing effects of water on Amazonite only in small doses.

Proceed cautiously, as Amazonite is hard enough but low on the Mohs hardness scale. This can make it vulnerable to damage if it is exposed to water for long periods.

Expose your Amazonite stone to pure water for only up to 5 minutes or less to safely and energetically cleanse it.

Amazonite also contains some toxic natural elements of Lead and K-Feldspar, which may leach into the water. Be sure to discard this water carefully, especially do not drink it.

How To Cleanse Amazonite with Fire 

Lighted candles on a table

Fire can be used to cleanse this stone but with due caution. This method is not ideal for cleaning Amazonite, as it is a temperature-sensitive stone. Be sure to choose methods that don’t expose the stone directly to high heat.

This element’s purifying and transformative effect can be used to cleanse Amazonite. Use a small source of fire, such as a candle. Place your stone next to a burning candle or within a circle of candles for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Remember to connect with the Fire element and set your intention for burning the candles to purify your Amazonite crystal energetically. 

How To Cleanse Amazonite with Clear Quartz/Selenite/Other Self-Cleansing Stone

A clear Quartz crystal on a table in nature

A great way to cleanse any crystal is by using other crystals that have self-cleaning effects. You can place your Amazonite with a larger piece of Selenite or a Clear Quartz programmed for crystal cleansing.

Place your Amazonite and chosen cleansing crystal where the stones are physically touching. Try to use a larger self-cleansing stone. If you only have a smaller stone, place the crystals together within a crystal grid or a particular vessel.

Leave your Amazonite with the cleansing crystal for a minimum of 5 hours for it to be cleansed of non-resonant vibrations.

How To Cleanse Amazonite with Scents

2 pieces of white sage smudge stick on a wood

Cleanse your Amazonite energetically with various plant-based scents. Using scent to cleanse this stone can be an enjoyable, effective, and sensory experience.

You can use scents for crystal cleansing by working with botanicals like smudge bundles or incense. You can also use essential oils

If you choose the scented smoke method, light your incense or herb bundle and circle the smoke around your Amazonite crystal in a clockwise direction 5 times to cleanse it. Be sure to keep the hot embers away from your crystal. 

How To Cleanse Amazonite with Salt

A wooden bowl that is full of salt on a black background

Salt, also known as the mineral Halite, is cleansing energetically and physically. It is okay to expose Amazonite to salt for cleansing, but not for a long period and not in wet salt, as salt water can damage this crystal.

Fill up a special vessel and bury your Amazonite in Pink Himalayan salt or sea salt for 5 to 10 minutes to clean up any non-resonant energies held within your crystal. Be sure to discard your salt after using it for cleansing this crystal.

Different crystals can be more easily damaged by salt, so be sure to learn which crystals can and can’t go in salt. Do not soak any crystal in salt or salt water for a prolonged period. As a rule of thumb, only soak for 1 hour at maximum.

How to Cleanse Amazonite with Meditation

Woman doing intuition meditation hand gestures

Meditation is a great way to connect with your stone, aligning and directing your energy in a way that can energetically cleanse and charge your Amazonite crystal. 

You can hold or wear your stone while simply meditating with presence. You may also choose to include relevant mantras, cleansing visualizations, and cleansing affirmations within your meditation for cleansing Amazonite.

Start by setting a clear intention for energetic cleansing and enter into a meditative state while holding your crystal. Meditate until you feel fully energized and connected, then intentionally direct cleansing energy toward your crystal using the power of your thoughts, emotions, words, or visions.

What to Keep in Mind When Clearing Amazonite?

  • Amazonite can be exposed to sunlight, but only for short periods. 
  • Amazonite can be exposed to water, but not only longshortiods.
  • Amazonite contains toxic elements, so you should never consume the water used to cleanse it.
  • The best way to cleanse Amazonite is by working with soil.
  • Cleanse Amazonite often, especially after healing work.
  • Always set your intention clearly before cleansing your Amazonite stone. 
  • Try out the different, suitable methods for cleansing Amazonite to decide what feels most effective.
  • You may stick to a single method of cleansing your stone or design an Amazonite cleansing ritual, including a few safe methods.

Conclusion: Cleanse Amazonite Crystal Safely With the Power of Earth 

Cleansing your Amazonite should be an integral aspect of your practice of working with this crystal. Intentionally cleanse Amazonite using the Earth’s elements, especially with soil.

You may also use any other methods discussed above, but be sure to read the content, as some methods restrict your stone’s safety and longevity.

The following table is a brief overview of the methods that you can use to cleanse Amazonite:

A custom graphic table for best way to cleanse amazonite

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