6 Best Crystals Kit for Beginners

  1. Amethyst
  2. Clear Quartz
  3. Selenite
  4. Rose Quartz
  5. Tiger's Eye
  6. Green Aventurine
  7. Crystal Beginner's Kits We Recommend

Crystals provide many benefits, such as decorating a room, beautifying and adding style to your appearance, and altering your energy field to resonate with specific frequencies. However, it can be overwhelming if you have just discovered the world of crystals. There are over 2000 varieties of gemstones, and knowing what are good crystals for beginners can be difficult. 

Specific crystals are more popular amongst beginners, as they are easy to work with and host many benefits that deal with common problems. In addition, certain crystals are more affordable and commonly available, making it much easier for a beginner to access them. 

You can also consider getting one of the crystal sets for beginners, as these are affordable and perfect for helping you start your crystal healing journey!  


amethyst chunk on a white background

Amethyst is a beautiful crystal that leaves many people in awe when first laying eyes upon it.Luckily, it is so affordable that most beginner crystal users can buy one! 

This crystal is one of the best starter crystals to get, as it brings a feeling of tranquility to your life. The most beautiful version of Amethyst is the geodes, which can be used to decorate and make a room calmer, and more peaceful and relaxing.  

Amethyst is the go-to crystal for those experiencing stress and anxiety. You can use Amethyst to replace a stress ball. Simply hold it in your hand and focus on feeling calmer.

How To Care for Amethyst

To cleanse and charge your Amethyst crystal, place it in a bowl of water for 24 hours. 

bowl of water with a blurry background

Keep an Amethyst stone in your pocket throughout the day to help stay calm. You can also wear an Amethyst necklace, ring, or bracelet to help reduce feelings of anger, tension, and agitation. 

Amethyst helps with spiritual awareness. It is connected to your crown chakra and gives you additional insight into life. 

Clear Quartz

clear quartz on a white background

Clear Quartz is high on the list of the top 10 crystals for beginners, as it is incredibly versatile and has many uses. This stone balances and empowers all of your chakras and is known as the “master healer crystal.” 

You might notice many crystal users wear a Clear Quartz necklace along with other crystal jewelry, because it amplifies the qualities and energy of other crystals.

Clear Quartz helps you identify the elements in your life that need to be changed and worked on. This crystal lets you see what is needed to manifest your highest goals.

How To Care for Clear Quartz

Place your Clear Quartz in a bowl of salt water for 24 hours to cleanse and charge it.

As one of the essential crystals in your crystal set up for beginners, Clear Quartz helps remove and clear negative, blocked, and stagnant energy, allowing you to create progress in your life.


selenite cube on a white background

Selenite is a crucial stone to have in crystal healing sets for beginners. It does not need to be charged or cleansed before you start using or wearing it, making it a very easy crystal to get started with.

Connected to Selene, the Moon goddess, Selenite purifies your heart and aura. Selenite allows you to vibrate at the highest possible frequency by removing harmful intentions, thoughts, and emotions. This crystal will connect you with the wisdom needed to begin your spiritual journey if you wish to gain awareness and follow a spiritual path.

How To Care for Selenite

Selenite is fragile and can cause splinters and break easily, so the best way to charge it is to place it in the full moonlight overnight.

View from the window to the backyard with a sitting area of a modern house
View from the window to the backyard with a sitting area of a modern house

You can also use Selenite to cleanse and charge your crystals by letting it touch your other crystals for 24 hours. Placing Selenite on your windowsill will cleanse and clear negative energy from a room, inviting positive and pure energy into the space.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz chunk on a white background

If you are wondering what crystals to buy for beginners to invite more love into your life, Rose Quartz is the go-to crystal. Rose Quartz makes you more compassionate toward others, which helps you build more trust and connection in your relationships. 

By healing and balancing your heart chakra, Rose Quartz helps you release emotional blockages that prevent you from developing intimacy with others. In addition, using Rose Quartz will help you be more accepting of others, allowing you to open your heart to unconditional love toward others.

How To Care for Rose Quartz

Like other quartz crystals, the best way to cleanse and charge your Rose Quartz is to soak it in a bowl of salt water for 24 hours.

polished rose quartz in a jar of water

Place a large piece of Rose Quartz in the center of your home if there has been tension and conflict between your loved ones. If you have been experiencing anger, resentment, and jealousy toward another person, wearing Rose Quartz jewelry can help you be more forgiving.

Tiger’s Eye

polished tiger's eye on a white background

You might wonder, what crystals should I get as a beginner to increase my intuition? Tiger’s Eye was once more precious than gold, as it gives the wearer the guidance needed to be confident and make the right decisions in life.

Tiger’s Eye is a protective stone that wards off all evil and hostile forces that could hinder your success. This crystal gives you the determination and motivation to manifest your greatest dreams by removing self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions.

How To Care for Tiger’s Eye

The best way to cleanse and charge Tiger’s Eye is to bury it underground for 24 hours.

tiger's eye stone situated on brown sand

Tiger’s Eye is an essential stone to have in your healing crystals beginner set, as it balances the root chakra. Wearing Tiger’s Eye jewelry can help you stay motivated, and it will help you become much stronger, preventing hardships in life from getting you down.

Green Aventurine

aventurine stones isolated on a white background

If you want to know what is the best crystal to start with to attract more luck and inspiration into your life, Green Aventurine is the perfect go-to crystal. Green Aventurine invites new opportunities into your life that inspire and allow you to expand your awareness and perception. 

Green Aventurine has a powerful ability to heal your physical and emotional body. So, if you have been suffering from an ailment, or have emotional blockages that prevent you from being your best self, Green Aventurine can clear out and heal what has been keeping you stuck for years.

How To Care for Green Aventurine

Place Green Aventurine in the full moonlight for 24 hours to cleanse and charge it. 

moonlight reflection on water

If you have a particular goal in mind, wearing Green Aventurine jewelry can help you prosper at what you do. This crystal attracts the abundance and resources needed to accomplish your goals, making it an excellent stone to help you reach your dreams.

Crystal Beginner’s Kits We Recommend

To save yourself time, get yourself a crystal healing kit for beginners. These spiritual crystal sets already have essential stones pre-selected and prepared for you, making it much easier to start your crystal healing journey. From healing, money, and intuition stones, you name it! These kits have everything you could need.

Crystal Beginner Kit #1

This crystal set for beginners on Amazon contains fourteen essential healing crystals, an Amethyst cluster, a chakra pendulum pendant, a chakra bracelet, a Selenite stick, a crystal guide booklet, lavender for cleansing, velvet bags to store crystals, and a crystal grid cloth. With all the essentials needed to get started with using crystals for healing, this kit is perfect! 

Price: $58.99

Crystal Beginner Kit #2

The Dancing Bear Chakra Stone Starter Kit on Amazon is the perfect crystal set for beginners. This kit contains seven essential tumbled and vital rough stones, a palo santo stick to cleanse your crystals, and a Selenite stick for charging and cleansing. The stones available in this kit all correspond to your seven chakras, which makes this the perfect chakras crystals kit.

Price: $15.95

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