Tiger’s Eye crystals were once a must-have stone for Roman soldiers, as they protected them in battle. Today, they’re used for courage, self-esteem, and good luck, if you cleanse them regularly. How to cleanse Tiger’s Eye? How often should you cleanse Tiger Eye crystal? 

You can cleanse a Tiger’s Eye with sunlight, moonlight, salt, water, incense, smudge sticks, essential oils, soil, rice,  sound, intentions, singing bowls, and candles. 

I’ll teach you ten ways to cleanse Tiger’s Eye crystals effectively and how to charge them after. 

Cleansing Tiger’s Eye with Natural Light 

tiger's eye bracelet on top of a rock

Natural light sources like the sun, moon, and stars emanate powerful energies. For instance, sunrise, sunset, full moon, new moon, and eclipses are some powerful natural events you can draw in for cleansing crystals.

Moreover, Tiger’s Eye doesn’t fade, crack, or break when left in the sun for a few hours. Similarly, you can leave it overnight, under the moonlight, to cleanse any negativity it holds. 

Cleansing Tiger’s Eye with Salt 

salt in a bowl with a pestle

Salt is sacred in spirituality because it clears negativity. 

Can Tiger’s Eye go in salt? Yes, you can soak Tiger’s Eye crystal overnight in salt water to cleanse it safely. 

If you haven’t cleansed your Tiger’s Eye stone for a long time, sprinkle some salt crystals on it for a quick cleanse. 

Cleansing Tiger’s Eye with Water 

bowl of water with lit candles on its side

Sources of running water like rivers, lakes, oceans, and tap water are powerful, just like natural light. They’re great for clearing any bad vibrations from crystals. 

Can Tiger Eye go in water? Yes, Tiger’s Eye is safe to cleanse with water. 

All you need to do is hold the stone under running water for a few seconds. Do it every few months to clear all the negativity absorbed by the Tiger’s Eye. 

Cleansing Tiger’s Eye with Herbs 

incense on top of lit herbs

Do you know aromatherapy is a great way to clear negativity from spaces, people, and crystals? That’s why incense, essential oils, and smudge sticks are great for quickly cleansing Tiger’s Eye crystals. 

However, burning incense and smudge sticks may adversely affect people with respiratory conditions. If you have such a condition, apply a few drops of cleansing essential oils, such as sage, sandalwood, cedarwood, or geranium rose to the Tiger’s Eye crystal for cleansing. 

Cleansing Tiger’s Eye with Crystals 

Tiger's Eye Crystal with other Crystals

Do you know some crystals can cleanse other crystals? Stones made of Clear Quartz, Selenite, and Black Tourmaline are such crystals you can use for Tiger’s Eye cleansing. 

You can cleanse Tiger’s Eye stone with a Clear Quartz wand by circling it thrice in a clockwise direction. Crystal geodes and clusters are also great for cleansing other crystals like Tiger’s Eye. 

Cleansing Tiger’s Eye with Rice 

rice in a wooden box

Do you know rice is so powerful it balances powerful energies between heaven and Earth? Brown rice is the best choice for cleansing crystals like Tiger’s Eye. 

You can cleanse a Tiger’s Eye by burying the crystal in a jar of rice for one to three days.  Once the cleansing ritual is done, it’s important to throw the rice away. 

Cleansing Tiger’s Eye with Soil 

pots and garden tools on top of soil

As crystals are born from Mother Earth (except for Moldavite), and putting them back into the Earth is a good way to cleanse negativity from new crystals

If you’ve just bought a Tiger’s Eye, bury your crystal in your flower pot or garden for a week, or until the next New or Full Moon, to cleanse it.

Also, remember to bury your Tiger’s Eye stone at least three inches deep in the soil for a thorough cleansing. 

Cleansing Tiger’s Eye with Sound 

singing bowl with crystals around it

Just like natural light and water, sound is another powerful element for cleansing crystals like Tiger’s Eye. 

From tuning forks to singing bowls and white noise tracks, there are many acoustical options to cleanse Tiger’s Eye crystals. 

My favorite are singing bowls because I can keep my Tiger’s Eye crystal next to the bowl while I play it. 

If you don’t have a singing bowl or tuning fork, expose your Tiger’s Eye stone to a few minutes of cleansing tracks on YouTube such as this

Cleansing Tiger’s Eye with Intentions

Another way to cleanse negativity absorbed by Tiger’s Eye stones is with positive intentions

In this method, you chant cleansing affirmations while holding the Tiger’s Eye in either hand. By doing so, the power of the mantra, combined with your sound, clears the negativity absorbed by the crystal. 

Here are a few Tiger’s Eye intentions you can use for cleansing rituals:

  • “I repel the negativity on this Tiger’s Eye.”
  • “I command the Universe to cleanse this crystal.” 
  • “May this soil/water/light/sound/herb wash away the bad and the evil.” 

Cleansing Tiger’s Eye with Fire

lit candle on top of a table

The Fire element is another means to clear negativity from healing crystals like Tiger’s Eye. 

You can do so by lighting a candle and keeping your Tiger’s Eye crystal close. Meditation, chants, and singing bowl music are good to amplify the cleansing energies while doing candlelight cleansing on this crystal.

What to do After Cleansing Tiger’s Eye? 

Now that you know how to cleanse Tiger’s Eye, the next step is to charge or program the crystal to manifest intentions. Charging focuses the energy of the crystal on your intention. So, how do you activate Tiger’s Eye?

You can charge Tiger’s Eye healing stones using crystal grids, visualization, soil, positive affirmations, meditation, yoga, water, natural light, and fire.  

In a Nutshell 

Cleansing a Tiger’s Eye crystal keeps it in the best of metaphysical health. 

As a crystal ruled by the Sun (star), Mars (planet), and multiple chakras (solar plexus, sacral, and root), the Tiger’s Eye crystal works like magic, when cleansed the right way! 

Here’s a quick look at what we learned today: 

Ways to Cleanse Tiger's Eye

So, when is the best time to cleanse Tiger’s Eye stone? It’s good to cleanse Tiger’s Eye stone every few months. I suggest cleansing it, as well, before and after every ritual, , and during natural events like a solar/lunar eclipse, Supermoon, New Moon, or Full Moon. 

How will you cleanse your Tiger’s Eye?


Hiya, I am Ceida Uilyc, JewelryTalk’s in-house crystal expert, metaphysics junkie, an avid nature enthusiast, and a jewelry maven. I believe crystals are the fruits of Mother Earth and there’s nothing that makes me happier than sharing my experiences, and knowledge about them. When not making spells and potions, I love wandering around my garden or tripping on trendy new necklaces and rings.

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