July Birthstone Color: Ruby Crystal Meaning

  1. What is July's Birthstone Color?
  2. Ruby Zodiac Signs
  3. Ruby July Birthstone: Meaning And History
  4. 10 Types of Ruby
  5. 5 Uses of Ruby Crystals for July Babies
  6. Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Ruby
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Have you ever been amazed by how beautiful July’s birthstone’s red color is? What does it signify, and why do so many people value it so much? Read on to learn the fascinating story behind the stone for July!

Many cultures think birthstones bring luck, protection, and prosperity. When worn as jewelry, these beautiful gems remind us of the traits and characteristics of our birth month. People of all ages love birthstones because they are beautiful and have deep meanings.

Ruby is the birthstone for July. Its deep crimson color stands for love, bravery, and passion. It has always been linked to energy, self-assurance, and strong relationships. 

Read on to discover what the Ruby gem means and why it is still loved today. Let’s learn about Ruby, the July birthstone color.

What is July’s Birthstone Color?

Ruby crystal on a white background
Image Source: Wikimedia.org | Robert M. Lavinsky

July’s birthstone is a valuable gemstone called a Ruby. Its color is a beautiful, deep red for love, courage, and desire. Since it is the birthstone for July, it has a special meaning for people born in that month.

This fiery gem is loved for its bright color. Throughout history, it has been a sign of life and energy. Ruby jewelry is often worn to remind people of their birth month and the unique traits it stands for. If you were born in July, let yourself be enchanted by Ruby, your birthstone.

Ruby Zodiac Signs

Both Cancer and Leo are linked to the gemstone Ruby.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22) is fostered for and protected by Ruby. They are sensitive and caring Water signs. Ruby gives comfort, love, and the strength to face hard times. By wearing Ruby, Cancers can improve their mental health and learn to deal with life’s challenges.

Ruby’s blazing vitality and assertiveness suit Leo (July 23 to August 22), a passionate Fire sign. Leos are natural leaders, as they are creative and outspoken. Ruby enhances their confidence and charisma. This stone gives Leo the confidence they need to do well and helps them see their capabilities.

Cancer and Leo can benefit from Ruby’s energy by wearing a pendant or carrying a Ruby crystal. Its warm vibrations can boost self-confidence and mental balance. Hence, Cancers and Leos use Ruby to nourish your soul or spark your desires!

Ruby July Birthstone: Meaning And History

July’s birthstone, Ruby, represents “passion, love, and courage.”

Ruby is thought to give people born in July more energy, boost their confidence, and help them build strong relationships. It gives you desire, joy, and motivation. It also helps you control your emotions and gives you inner strength.

The stone for July has been around for a long time. Ancient Egyptians and Hindus were highly interested in it. Folklore said it was a sign of safety, wealth, and love. Some cultures, Ruby was also thought to keep people healthy and protect them from bad luck.

In different cultures, people thought Ruby could predict danger and heal. It was linked to fire and thought to spark creativity and emotion. In a few societies, gods were given rubies as gifts as a sign of respect. These views have been passed down from generation to generation, making Ruby a precious stone for people born in July.

10 Types of Ruby

Ruby crystal on a white background
Image Source: Wikimedia.org | Robert M. Lavinsky

Find out about the magical world of Ruby crystals, which is great for people who have birthdays in July. Here are the ten enchanting gemstones that hold the power to inspire courage, love, and creativity:

  1. Burmese Rubies Gemstones: The bright red color of these gems is a sign of love and passion. They boost the life force and encourage people to be enthusiastic.
  2. Pigeon Blood Ruby: It features a deep, intense red, like a pigeon’s blood, giving people born in July strength and energy and making them feel brave and determined.
  3. Star Ruby: A beautiful red color with a mesmerizing star-like pattern, these crystals improve intuition and provide safety, making them perfect for July celebrants to use on their journey through life.
  4. Sunrise Ruby: As the name suggests, these rubies have colors that look like a sunrise. They bring to mind joy and a positive view of life, which are things that people born in July can relate to. 
  5. Pink Ruby: With a softer pink tone, these crystals support love and compassion. They can help people born in July build healthy relationships and feel good about themselves.
  6. Tanzanian Ruby: It is bright red and inspires creativity and passion, helping people born in July go after their dreams enthusiastically.
  7. Mozambican Ruby: These crystals are a fiery red color that brings luck and drive. It helps people born in July to deal with problems and succeed.
  8. Indian Ruby: It exhibits a warm, rich red color that brings wealth and blessings to people who have birthdays in July.
  9. Mogok Ruby: It showcases deep red color and is linked to wisdom and protection. They help people born in July make good decisions and keep their way safe.
  10. Glass Filled Ruby: It has a charming red color. It can remind people born in July to accept their uniqueness and journey toward self-improvement.

5 Uses of Ruby Crystals for July Babies

Ruby ring worn by a woman on her middle finger

Find out how July babies can use the power of Ruby crystals in charming ways. Let’s look at five ways to use Ruby daily and bring more fire, love, and courage into our lives.

Wear It as Jewelry or Personal Accessories

Ruby crystals can be worn as necklaces, bracelets, or rings by people born in July as a part of their everyday style. It will add a bit of class to their look and keep the gemstone’s energy close to them all day, giving them courage and love in everything they do.

Meditate with Ruby

July babies can connect with the strong energies of a Ruby crystal when they hold it or put it near them during meditation. It can help them concentrate better, be more creative, and control their emotions. It makes their meditation sessions more helpful and satisfying.

Create a Crystal Grid

By making a crystal grid, people who have birthdays in July can use the power of Ruby crystals together. Putting several Rubies in a geometric pattern can strengthen their energies and intentions, giving them passion, vitality, and wealth.

Display in Living Spaces

People born in July can put Ruby crystals in their bedrooms, living rooms, or workspace to bring good energy into their homes. As they spend time in these places, the vibrant energy of the gemstones can help them stay inspired, focused, and full of love.

Carry Ruby in your Wallet or Pocket

Putting a small Ruby crystal inside a wallet or pocket is an easy way to keep Ruby’s power close at all times. This can remind them of what their birthstone means. It helps them accept their unique qualities and face life’s challenges with courage and drive.

Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Ruby

To keep their brilliance and energy, Ruby gems need to be cleaned and maintained. Here are three useful tips for keeping your Rubies shining:

Gentle Cleaning

Use warm, soapy water on a soft, lint-free cloth to clean Ruby gems. Wipe the area with a soft cloth to get rid of dirt and dust. Please don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on a Ruby because they can damage its surface and dull its shine.

Regular Check-Ups

Check your Ruby jewelry or crystals every once in a while for signs of wear or loose sets. If you see any problems, you should take them to a professional jeweler so they can be fixed and kept in good shape. Your Rubies will stay safe and in great shape if you check on them regularly.

Safe Storage

Ruby crystals should be kept from other gems and jewelry when they are not worn or used. This will keep them from getting scratched or broken. Use soft cloth pouches or separate compartments to protect the gems and keep them from getting damaged by chance.

Final Thoughts

Ruby birthstones can help us achieve our goals and develop our spirituality. Birthstones guide us through life with their energies and symbolism. These magnificent stones’ powerful vibrations can inspire courage, love, and creativity.

Whether you’re a July baby who loves Ruby’s fiery passion or any other birthstone, these jewels can enhance our spirituality and peace. We open ourselves to their profound wisdom and wonderful energies as we honor birthstones. It makes them adornments and valued partners in our growth and change. 


Are There Two Birthstones for July?

Yes, both Ruby and Carnelian are July birthstones.

What is the Meaning of the Jewel of July?

Ruby is the July birthstone, and it stands for love, courage, and passion.

Is Ruby an Expensive Stone?

Ruby is a valuable stone whose price varies on its size, color, clarity, and place of origin.

Is Ruby Good for Money?

Ruby is thought to bring wealth and success, often related to luck and money.

How Can You Tell if a Ruby is Real?

To determine if a Ruby is real, look for natural flaws. Make sure the red color is light enough, and have a gemologist test it if you need clarification.

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