Everything You Wanted to Know About Hag Stones

  1. How Hag Stones are Made
  2. Spiritual Meaning of Hag Stones
  3. Myths About Hag Stones
  4. Hag Stone Benefits
  5. Hag Stones Uses

Hag Stones, also known as Adder Stones, are stones with naturally formed holes used for many religious and spiritual purposes. Also known as “witch stones,” there are many rituals, benefits, and beliefs associated with Hag Stones, such as wearing them to protect from witches, and provide spiritual awareness.

Hag Stones provide protection, as well as emotional, physical, and energetic healing, and insight and wisdom into how to navigate life. These stones are connected to your ancestors and possess ancestral knowledge that can bring light and direction to your life’s path. 

If you have recently walked on the beach and found a Hag Stone, consider yourself lucky! So let’s dive into the meaning of Hag Stones and what they can do for you:

How Hag Stones are Made

Hag stones placed on a wooden table

How are Hag Stones formed? Hag Stones get formed when water seeps deep into a rock or mineral and erodes it, creating a hole or many holes. As water is needed to form Hag Stones, they are generally found in coastal areas or near rivers. 

Although Hag Stones primarily consist of Flint, Sandstone, or Limestone, you can also find them in other rock and mineral varieties, such as Quartz Hag Stones.

How Old are Hag Stones?

The age of Hag Stones usually depends on the rock or mineral the holes are in. Some rocks and minerals take longer to let water in and degrade, whereas, with others, this process happens much more quickly. 

Can a Shell Be a Hag Stone?

If you find a shell with a hole naturally formed due to water erosion, it is a Hag Stone. However, sea shells with holes due to breakage are not Hag Stones.

Spiritual Meaning of Hag Stones

Hag stone on a white background

Finding a Hag Stone is considered a lucky occurrence. However, if you do find one, hold onto it, as it helps you heal. Hag Stones consist of water and earth elements, making them excellent for grounding and balancing your emotions. 

These stones can connect you with your higher purpose and help you tap into the guidance of your ancestors and spiritual guides to help you follow the right direction in life.

Hag Stones protect from disease, misfortune, and death, and provide longevity. In addition, Hag Stones were used by Native Americans to perform cleromancy, a practice where objects such as stones, runes, dice, and crystals get thrown with a question in mind. The location where the objects land, and how they land, provide you with your answer.

Just like crystals, Hag Stones need to be cleansed and charged. Therefore, you can use the same methods for cleansing and charging crystals for Hag Stones. 

Myths About Hag Stones

Hag stone on a white background

One popular Hag Stone myth is the story of the Hag. The Hag is an old, female wizard, a fairy-like entity with evil intentions. For example, the old lady in the story of Hansel and Gretel was a Hag, and in the story, she mischievously lured two children into her house with candy to eventually bake and consume them. Hag Stones protect you from this evil spirit.

There is also an entity known as the “Night Hag.” The Night Hag is commonly known as “the sleep paralysis demon.” When he visits you, you experience a terrifying episode of sleep paralysis. 

Often, when people experience this, they report witnessing an ominous dark, shadow-like entity standing at the edge of their bed. Placing Hag Stones on your nightstand is believed to protect you from this entity. 

It is fortunate to find a Hag Stone during Samhain (Halloween) on October 31st. If you find one, it houses a spiritual guide that will help you manifest and actualize the life of your dreams. 

Finding a Hag Stone during Halloween is like finding a genie’s lamp, where you can tell it your intentions and wishes, and it will grant you your wish.

Hag Stone Benefits

Hag stone with different crystals on a garden

Hag Stones provide spiritual protection from evil entities.

If you need some energetic cleansing, Hag Stones can remove blockages from your chakras and aura. 

It allows protection and strength to help you deal with your enemies.

It can help you win competitions and battles.

Hag Stones incorporate water or earth elements into your spiritual rituals.

Hag Stones help with fertility. Wearing Hag Stones while pregnant can assist in a safe pregnancy and delivery.

It protects you and your environment from people that might cause harm.

Hag Stones enhance the chance of astral travel and lucid dreaming.

Hag Stones Uses

Wearing a Hag Stone, or keeping one in your bag or pocket, is a good luck charm.

It acts as a talisman to ward off witches, demons, and evil spirits.

You can place it on your windowsill, or door frame, to protect a room from evil entities. 

Look at a person through the hole of a Hag Stone to protect yourself from evil intentions they have toward you.

You can place a Hag Stone on your nightstand, or under your pillow, to protect you from sleep paralysis, nightmares, and night terrors. 

Hag Stones can be placed in the walls of homes during construction to provide safety and protection to the building.

It is believed that looking through the hole of a Hag Stone during meditation on the night of the full moon will allow you to see entities and spirits you might not usually see with your human eye.

The holes in the Hag Stones house fairy folk, and carrying it with you will allow them to serve you and sprinkle their fairy dust everywhere you go.

Hag Stones can be attached to ships or boats to protect the rough seas.

Hag Stones are the perfect Halloween or Pagan holiday decorations, as they have a witchy look.


How Rare are Hag Stones?

Hag Stones are commonly found along the coast of the North and the Baltic sea, but you can also find them in many other areas of the world. So, if you live near a rock or gravel beach that has Pholad clams in the area, take a stroll between the rocks, and you might find yourself a lucky Hag Stone!

The value of Hag Stone is usually not too expensive. Most Hag Stones are around USD 2, with bigger and more unique specimens pricing up to about USD 50.

Where Can I Find Hag Stones?

You might be wondering, where are Hag Stones found? Hag Stones appear worldwide, but are often found in the North and Baltic sea, specifically in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. You cannot find Hag Stones very easily, as they usually choose when to be found and by whom.

You might wonder, can you buy a Hag Stone instead of looking for it? The answer is yes, but buying Hag Stones can have its drawbacks. Many vendors sell rocks with holes drilled into them as false Hag Stones. 

Most Hag Stones are intended to be used by a certain person, so purchasing a Hag Stone can invite the wrong kind of energy into your life that is not beneficial to you. It is always important to cleanse and charge purchased Hag Stones to avoid any adverse effects.

What did Do Hag Stones mean for Wiccans?

These stones can protect from other witches’ spells, rituals, and powers. However, you can charge Hag Stones with an intention, and evil witches can use them to wreak havoc and bring misfortune to others. 

If you find an unknown Hag Stone in your house that you did not put there, get rid of it immediately by burying it in the earth in a location far from your house, or throwing it into a body of water such as the ocean or a lake. 

Hag Stones can lure misfortune and evil entities into your home when charged with a negative intention, and you must always be cautious of unknown Hag Stones. 

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