Where to Buy Ethically Sourced Crystals

  1. Moonrise Crystals
  2. Energy Muse
  3. Solstice Stones
  4. Peach and Pixie

With increasing numbers of crystal enthusiasts in the new age, the crystal industry is growing and is worth billions of dollars. When looking at your beautiful crystal jewelry or gems on display, the last thought on your mind is probably, Were these gemstones ethically sourced?

What is the meaning of ethically sourced crystals? In the crystal industry, there are often unfair and harsh labor practices and conditions through which crystals get mined. Here is an interesting article that explains how crystals are mined. For example, this article states that in the Democratic Republic of The Congo, children as young as seven years old work in mines.

child resting after long hours of heavy work

When purchasing gemstones, asking the seller or researching whether the crystals are ethically sourced is crucial. There are many ethically sourced crystal shops, and supporting these crystal sellers can help create a safer, more ethical industry. Unfortunately, when purchasing crystals, the source is often not listed, so it is imperative to be mindful of where your crystals come from.

Moonrise Crystals

moon rise crystal home page

Moonrise Crystals is an online crystal shop that puts a lot of time and energy into researching where its crystals come from. Every single gemstone is tracked, and you know precisely where your crystal comes from and how it was mined.

This shop ensures that the crystals they sell do not negatively impact the environment, that mining it does not harm the health of the miner, and that there is no child labor or unfair wages. Moonrise Crystals state that “Authentic spiritual alignment requires deep grounding in reality,” and they believe it is not good to turn a blind eye to unfair practices when enjoying and using your crystals for spiritual practice. A spiritual practice that has links to the suffering of others is tainted and not pure.

To purchase ethically sourced crystals from Moonrise Crystals, navigate to their crystal shop, select your crystal of choice, scroll to the bottom, and read the Ethically Sourced” section that explains the mine’s supply chain and conditions. This website sells fantastic, ethically sourced crystals for jewelry making.

Energy Muse

energy muse homepage

Energy Muse has been selling ethically sourced crystals for nearly two decades now. They state, “Those who know how powerful crystal energy is understand why it is vital to respect where it comes from. Taking crystals from the Earth in an unethical way affects the energy of the stone.” For this reason, Energymuse.com has a strict fair labor policy for its crystal suppliers.

This company has established friendly relationships with family-owned mines, which helps them ensure their crystals are ethically sourced.

To purchase from Energymuse, go to their website and browse their shop.

Solstice Stones

solstice stones homepage

Solstice Stones has the slogan “Peace of Mined.” They spend thousands of hours researching and finding the sources of the stones they sell to ensure that all their crystals are sourced ethically. They understand that the mining industry can be volatile and make it their mission to look deeper into where crystals come from, and they do not merely trust suppliers.

This company focuses on fair labor practices and women empowerment, so you financially empower women in poorer communities when buying crystals from them. Their employees go to the source and look at the mining conditions themselves.

To purchase from Solstice Stones, go to their website and browse their shop. Then select your crystal of choice. It will then take you to an Etsy page. Scroll down to the section with the header “Traceability” to see the crystal’s ethical mining conditions and origins.

Peach and Pixie

peach and pixie homepage

Peach and Pixie is a black-owned crystal shop that sells ethically sourced crystals. This shop has excellent, ethically sourced crystals at wholesale prices. They have a wide variety of jewelry, polished and rough crystals, and sell other spiritual trinkets, like smudge sticks and even rare Rose of Jericho flowers!

Their website has a rare finds section where they sell beautiful rare pieces of crystals for great prices. You should also check out their incredible zodiac bundles!  

To purchase from Peach and Pixie, browse their online shop to see the variety of treasures they offer.


  • Is the crystal industry ethical? 

No, crystal mining often leads to human rights violations, water contamination, deforestation, and child labor. Only some sources mine crystals ethically.

  • Are Swarovski crystals ethical?

Yes, many Swarovski crystals are lab-grown and stick to eco-friendly and environmentally responsible practices. Swarovski crystals are always ethically sourced, and you can purchase them with peace of mind.

  • What is the most ethical stone?

Lab-grown Diamonds are the most ethical stone, as they have a minimal environmental impact and are usually grown through fair labor practices.

  • Will the world run out of crystals? 

Yes, unless fair restrictions get placed on the mining of crystals, we can eventually mine out all the crystals and have very little left.

  • Why do Swarovski crystals turn black?

Swarovski crystals contain a chemical coating that undergoes wear and tear over time. When exposed to sweat, heat, sunlight, and chemicals, the color of the crystal can fade and turn black.

  • What are consciously sourced crystals? 

Consciously sourced crystals are when a crystal shop or supplier actively sources products for their shop ethically, socially consciously, and sustainably.

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