Can you Bring Crystals on a Plane?

  1. FAQ: Taking Crystals on Planes
  2.  What Crystals are Good for Safe Air-Travels?
  3. How do you Pack Crystals for Travel? Tips to Remember
  4. In A Nutshell 

If you love crystals, it’s common to wonder if you can fly with them. Can crystals go through airport security? Can you bring crystals on a plane? Which is the best crystal for flying?

TSA doesn’t specify anything about carrying crystals on flights, but taking them in your carry-on luggage is a better choice than check-in. Although, avoid carrying large, radioactive, sharp, and dangerous-looking crystals. 

The best crystals for air travel are smoky quartz, malachite, amethyst, and hematite. They’re good for protecting you from diseases, accidents, and travel-related issues.

Read on to discover the fine print about carrying healing crystals on the plane and how to pack them properly. 

FAQ: Taking Crystals on Planes

Crystals aren’t liquid or gas like lotions, perfumes, or deodorants. While the TSA doesn’t specify which crystals to bring and avoid onboard, it’s better to clarify everything about crystals before you get frisked. 

Can I Bring Crystals as Carry-Ons, e.g., Hand Luggage?

You can bring crystals in your cabin, carry-on, or hand luggage. 

Airport authorities will not stop or search your bag any more than they already do. But it’s good to keep crystals in an easy-to-access bag for better scanning.

Can I Bring Crystals on a Domestic Flight? 

Transportation Security Administration of the USA allows rocks, crystals, and minerals on domestic flights. 

You’re allowed to carry them in the cabin and check-in baggage. But make sure they’re well-within acceptable dimensions. 

Can I Bring Crystals on an International Flight?

You can carry healing crystals on international flights to the U.K, Canada, Australia, EU, and Asia. But customs may stop you if you carry expensive crystals over $10,000 in your baggage. 

Make sure to carry bills of expensive and large crystals if you’re traveling with them. Also, you should keep your crystals for easy access and check when carrying with hand luggage. 

Can I Bring Himalayan Salt Lamp on a Plane?

Bringing Himalayan Salt lamp on domestic and international flights are allowed if they’re within permitted dimensions. 

However, you should keep your lamp ready and accessible if security persons want a second look. 

How many Crystals can I take on a Plane?

You can take as many crystals as you want on domestic and international flights. 

Large, sharp, radioactive, heavy, and blunt crystals aren’t allowed in cabin luggage, especially if they’re deemed dangerous. Still, you can carry several large crystals in your check-in baggage within permissible weight.

 What Crystals are Good for Safe Air-Travels?

Travel anxiety is unavoidable by car, train, ship, and plane. Moreover, flying comes with extra worries. That’s why crystals good for traveling can protect and calm you down. They help the wearer shut down stress. 

Can I Bring Pyrite on a Plane?

Pyrite chunk on a white background

Yes, you can bring pyrite crystals on planes. From pyrite beads to bracelets, pendants, wands, pendulums, earrings, and necklaces, it’s a safe crystal for flying. 

But you may be asked to reveal it to the security persons during check-in. So, pack your pyrite crystals appropriately. 

Can I Bring Smoky Quartz on a Plane? 

smoky quartz isolated on a white background

You can take smoky quartz on your domestic or international flights. However, they shouldn’t be large, pointy, or sharp unless you carry them in your check-in baggage.

Is it Okay to Take Hematite While Flying? 

Hematite chunk on a white background

Yes, flying with hematite is safe and hassle-free by air. 

You’re allowed polished and raw hematite crystals in the cabin and check-in baggage. The good news is Hematite is also a protective stone that can prevent accidents, hassles, and problems from coming your way.

Are Malachite Crystals Good for travelers?

malachite on a white background

Wearing malachite jewelry and carrying malachite pyramids, spheres, and wands is good grounding. 

That’s why they’re best for people traveling by air for the first time. It’s a grounding stone you can carry in both carry-on and check-in for a good flying experience. 

Can you Bring Amethyst on a Plane?

amethyst chunk on a white background

Yes, amethyst is a good stone to carry with you on the plane. 

If they’re in large geodes or wands, ensure they’re within airline baggage dimensions. Being a higher chakra stone, amethyst helps with wisdom and tranquility during your flight. 

How do you Pack Crystals for Travel? Tips to Remember

Carrying a crystal with you while flying is one of the many ways to calm your nerves, think clearly, and avoid physical distress. Also, X-rays don’t harm crystals and jewelry made from them. 

But, crystals aren’t all hard as a diamond. So, they may chip or crack if you don’t pack them properly.

Here’s what to do: 

  • It’s better to take crystals on carry-on luggage for easy viewing and check for airport security personnel. 
  • Always clean your crystals and cleanse them with a clear quartz wand before packing for travel. 
  • Wrap them with padding or cushioning using clothes or crystal bags. 
  • Expensive, ancient, and large rocks must be wrapped individually with their bills. 
  • Avoid radioactive crystals unless you have special permission and equipment to carry them. 
  • Don’t take dual-use crystals like crystal daggers, arrowheads, or anything sharp usable as a weapon. 
  • Skip on clumps of soil on international travels. Customs can disqualify your whole package in extreme cases.

In A Nutshell 

Can you fly with crystals? Yes. Crystals aren’t barred from air travel when packed properly and assessed whether you’re flying in and around the globe. 

Although, you should avoid radioactive, large, and dangerous crystals when traveling by air. 

All that said, some crystals like amethyst are great for anxiety, stress, and phobias. Give one of the best crystals for flying like pyrite, smoky quartz, hematite, malachite, or amethyst a try on your next trip. 

But pack your crystals properly, no matter their size and weight, before locking up. You can keep them in padded packs in your carry-on bag. 

Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals with a wand before setting your intention for protection, grounding, or calmness before packing them up.

So, which crystal do you love to fly with? 

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